Will I Ever Have To Pay For Ableton Again?

Will I Ever Have To Pay For Ableton Again

Ableton Live is perhaps one of the best DAW, but it is also expensive. The upfront payment is a bone that is difficult to swallow for many people whose budget is tight. This can be concerning if there are fears of paying additional costs for specific features and such after buying the software. Many people ask: will I ever have to pay for Ableton again?

Will I Ever Have To Pay For Ableton Again?

Well, it depends. What are you talking about in this scenario? Payment for upgrades, new additions, or payment to unlock new features?

First of all, here is a list of features that are, as of right now, come with all 3 tiers of Ableton Live 11.

  Intro Standard Suite
Key Features Limited Full Full
Software Instruments 4 6 17
Sounds 1500+ 1800+ 5000+
Library Size 5+ GB 10+ GB 70+ GB
Audio Effects 21 37 60
MIDI Effects 8 14 16


So here is the thing, once you pay for the DAW, it is yours. You will have the license to operate it on any device you want. The upgrades will be free, and you won’t need to pay for them. That version of Ableton Lives us yours, no matter if it is Intro, Standard, or Suite. However, when talking about different editions, that is where it changes.

Like much other software, Ableton is also designed to tempt you to upgrade to its better features. For example, if you have Intro, it will tempt you to upgrade to either Standard or Suite. Again, if you purchase one version, that is, a specific tier of the software of a specific edition, then the software will provide you free updates of that same edition. It is only when you want to upgrade to the new addition that you would need to play. In other words, you are going up a level to get access to new features, so you would need to pay for that. But as you have already purchased it once, the price you would need to pay will not be as high as the initial purchase. In short, the upgrade will not be that costly.

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Does Ableton Have Free Lifetime Updates?

Again, if you want or upgrade to the new version of Ableton Live, for instance, from Live 10 to Live 11, you would need to pay for it. If you want to change between editions, like from Standard to Suite, the same stands true. In these cases, the upgrades will be paid. However, the update of the same edition will be free. For instance, if you update your Live license during the life cycle of Ableton Live, say updating 10.0. 6 to 10.1 will cost you nothing as you are the license holder and have already purchased the software once.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have to pay for Ableton every year?

Ans: No, that does not happen. To purchase Ableton Live, you have either pay upfront or through 6 monthly installment program. The updates in the same version or edition are free for upgrades, but updating to the new version or better edition will cost you.

Q: Can you buy Ableton forever?

Ans: Ah, sure? Like, if you buy the software and pay for it, then it is yours. It will only cost you when you update to a better edition or a new version of the software, like Live 10 to Live 11.

Q: What things do I need with Ableton to create good music?

Ans: For a newcomer, it is best to invest in a good laptop, high-quality headphones, and an audio interface. Here is a list of the best audio interfaces that go along with Ableton.

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo 

  • M-Audio M-Track Duo 

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface 

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