Why Is It Important To Be A Good Speaker?

Why is it important to be a good speaker

The experts tell us there is one unassailable requirement for effective leadership. You would be mistaken if you said charismatic, decisive, or likable. The most important necessity is to talk with strength, conviction, and confidence. Why is it important to be a good speaker?

Great leaders have several fundamental characteristics, and from my experience working with numerous such leaders, I can attest to the veracity of the assertion above.It is stated that Demosthenes and Cicero, Roman politicians and lawyers, were the two notable orators of antiquity. A general and statesman of Greece.According to legend, when Cicero spoke, the audience shouted and danced in anticipation, a definite sign of a potent message.

Words can lead to action.

Why is it important to be a good speaker? However, as soon as Demosthenes finished speaking, everyone stood up and said, “Let’s march!” Demosthenes motivated people to act, whereas Cicero elevated people’s emotions. Why is it important to be a good speaker? I recently attended an event where a prominent, well-known business leader gave a keynote speech as a member of the audience. I was excitedly anticipating hearing this man speak because he usually appears in the news. And in my view, he failed to deliver either.

The teacher from many years ago who told me there are two components to every presentation came to mind as I listened to his delivery. The content is the initial section, where the audience understands the message. The second aspect is the impact on each person in attendance, where the effectiveness of the message’s delivery influences who will escape and who will march. Why is it important to be a good speaker? My opinions on his presentation’s quality were the only ones. Over the following few days, I chatted with over a dozen other people who had attended, and everyone expressed the same viewpoint as mine.

The research of Albert Mehrabian, best known for his “7%, 38%, 55% Rule,” provides compelling evidence of the necessity for exceptional leaders to be compelling communicators. The Mehrabian rule has a significant impact on both how the message is understood and how it is received. According to the rule, content, or what is said, only contributes 7% to a message’s impression on the audience. According to the article, body language accounts for 55% of the remaining 38%, or just over one-third, of perceptions.

The Importance of Being a Good Speaker

The dread of public speaking is a significant deterrent for many people, keeping them from ever attempting it. It is among the most prevalent phobias and has a name for it: glossophobia. Our capacity to communicate our thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in a way that persuades people to follow us voluntarily is crucial to our success if we hope to become great leaders and have significant success in practically any sector. Why is it important to be a good speaker?

Remember that there are always two costs associated with obtaining the things we (say we) want: the cost of learning the skill and the cost of not learning it. We may have decided to pay the price of not learning the talent if we are not firmly established on the road to where we want to be and consistently advancing toward that destination.

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