Why Do People Underestimate The Accordion?

Why do people underestimate the accordion

I looked forward to the CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival for nine days last month. Between work and the festival, I attended more than 30 shows, averaging 18+ hours daily. Why do people underestimate the accordion? It wasn’t simple to work a second full-time job while also being a music enthusiast, but it was well worth it.

This year, CGI Communications took over from Xerox as the festival’s title sponsor. I wouldn’t say I like it when companies name events. As a marketer, I am aware that it benefits everyone. However, I frequently think it is an overblown attempt at self-promotion and long for the more rural times of the past.

The Rochester International Jazz Festival, however, is an exception. CGI has my utmost admiration for doing good deeds. Additionally, hundreds of individuals who had never heard of the organization left with a clear and favorable impression of what they do and how much they care about Rochester. They made a wise choice in choosing a name sponsor, a significant move for a mid-sized firm given their rapid global expansion. Thank you, CEO Bob Bartosiewicz, and congratulations.

Never Underestimate A Ukulele

Four cords. Jake Shimabukuro’s only resource is that. He is the most well-known ukulele virtuoso because of his four strings, intense discipline, and creative fire. Because Jake was so exceptional, I waited in line for two different sets. Worth every second. Oh, and he’s so endearing. In a reasonably formal music environment, he got hundreds of jazz enthusiasts singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody loudly. It was difficult to determine who was having more fun. Why do people underestimate the accordion?

Therefore, Jake’s marketing lesson is relatively straightforward. Never undervalue your instrument’s potential if you play it with love, dedication, and inventiveness. Our tool as marketers is the capacity to view the world differently for our customers. It provides its consumers with unconventional thoughts and ideas. It can stir such feelings by genuinely tugging at their heartstrings. Similar to Jake.

Accordions Aren’t Just for Polkas

Why do people underestimate the accordion? I’ll admit it. I think of accordions as polkas. I always feel like I’m in a time warp listening to Lawrence Welk when I hear an accordion. That changed after seeing renowned accordionist Vincent Peirani. Vincent has charisma, much like Jake Shimabukuro. And a lot of charm for French sex. 

More importantly, he creates exceptional music by expertly fusing the accordion with the sax, bass, keyboard, and drums while making it the lead instrument. Said, by making unexpected sounds connected by notes that ring true in your soul, he works his spell. What did I learn about marketing from Vincent? 

Why do people underestimate the accordion? Sorry accordion lovers, but it is possible to take the commonplace and turn it into something unique. Let’s be honest. Most of the products we promote are commonplace: phones, legal services, beer, medication, clothing, and food. There isn’t a lot of distinction taking place. However, if we set our minds to it, we can overcome the monotony and greatly assist our clients and their clients. Lawrence Welk, bye. Vincent Peirani, good day.

Listen To Your Elders

The age of George Coleman is 84. He is renowned for his work with Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock in the 1960s. He looked like the 84-year-old when he entered the Jazz Fest stage to a standing ovation, but that was before he began playing the saxophone. It was simply brilliant. Why do people underestimate the accordion? 

He has spent more than 70 years living within his instrument, which shows in his passionate music. Or perhaps just from experiencing life. George is one of the musicians John Nugent, the festival’s founder and creative director looks up to. When introducing George, he sobbed as he recalled how he had heard George’s solo on a Miles Davis album as a West Texas State University student. John added, “And that altered my life.

He joined George for the opening tune and briefly knelt so his sax could be placed precisely next to George’s. It was pretty moving to watch them play together. The crowd couldn’t stop giggling, but John’s smile stood out above the rest.

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