Why Can’t I Play Slap On My Bass? How To Improve!

Why Can't I Play Slap On My Bass

Slap bass can make your instrument stand out. It gives your music a distinct character and quality. It is hard to ignore. Learning it takes some time, but it can cause some worries if you realize that it is not working. Thus many people ask: why can’t I play slap on my bass? That is what we are going to discuss in today’s article. Keep reading to find out your answer!

Why Can’t I Play Slap On My Bass?

In our experience, sometimes slapping isn’t as effective on bass due to the low action, or there may not be enough room between the strings and pickups for the string to move around enough to produce a tone, due to the low action, or there may not be enough space between the strings and pickups. But all of that aside, let’s clarify one thing first: You do not need a pickup or an electronic system to slap; it is independent of both of those. You have to deal with the strings, and that’s all there really is to it. Whether you do it amplified or unamplified, it should basically sound the same regardless of whether you do it with an amp or without one, and it is a type of fingerstyle technique if you will.

Now that we have established that it is you who is the problem in the equation, you have to go through a checklist. Have you checked the technique that you are using? There are times when it becomes difficult if you don’t bounce the thumb off the string, as slapping it on the string can cause the tone to be muted if the thumb is left on the string. Any bass sound should be able to be created by snapping, and the sound should be bright and sharp, regardless of whether it is an active or passive bass.

How Can I Improve My Bass Slap?

The following is usually what you need in order to get a good slap sound:

  • Preamp/ an active bass
  • A low action (the strings should be very close to the fingerboard)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can all basses be slapped?

Any bass guitar can be slapped. It is important to note that not every bass produces the type of sound associated with slap bass. Your bass will sound less desirable if it has high action. Moreover, old or thick strings make slapping more difficult.

Does slapping damage bass?

There is no need to worry about the bass being hurt by this. Breaking a string from popping is the worst thing you can do.

Is slapping on bass hard?

There can be some tricky situations when slapping if you are a beginner bass player who wants to emulate the slapping styles of bass heroes like Flea, Marcus Miller, or Mark King, but with some simple tips, you can easily fix some of the problems.

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