What’s The Hardest Instrument To Play?

What's The Hardest Instrument To Play

Playing a musical instrument is as whimsical as it sounds. Yet, this is one dream that has come into our reach, with mass production of instruments, teachers from all over the world, and tutorials from all corners of the internet. But that comes with its own questions. For instance, which instrument is the easiest? Which is the best instrument for beginners? Perhaps, the most important of them all; what’s the hardest instrument to play? That question can lead you to make an essential choice for your future musical career.

What’s The Hardest Instrument To Play?

Honestly, the matter of the easiest and hardest instruments boils down to the player’s capability and interests. For instance, take piano. If you are interested in playing it, and more than that, you are passionate about it, there is nothing short of natural disasters that may stop you from learning it. However, if you are not interested in piano, and worst case scenario, no matter how much practice, it will become the hardest instrument to play for you. So, in the end, your skills and interest matter a lot in determining the level of an instrument.

However, a voting system is still available for people who want to curse out the instruments that have wracked their hands and fingers with pain. At the top comes the French horn, a brass instrument that needs just the right amount of air to produce a sound that could be adequate for music. Many people call it beautiful, but personally, that instrument gives nothing but headaches, even when you are just looking at it.

Next up is the violin. It is not exactly the hardest instrument to play; instead, it is the hardest to master. A string instrument requires a lot of focus and precision to produce the right sound. After that is a contest between accordion and piano, but both are pretty easier compared to the first two.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is guitar harder than piano?

Ans: The thing is, both of these instruments are wildly different in their build. The guitar is a visible example of what a string instrument should look like. But overall, the guitar is relatively more straightforward than the piano in terms of playing if you look at the layout, build, and techniques. The same could not be said for players trying to transition from piano to guitar, as both are wildly different beasts.

Q: Which instrument should I learn first?

Ans: That depends on what you want, no? But if you are that confused, do your research. Don’t commit to one instrument from the beginning; instead, try different ones from your friends and relatives, and observe which one suits you best. Also, don’t go for the easiest or the hardest from the beginning. A little challenge in life is ok, but hard mode is also not necessary. On average, drums, piano, and guitar make excellent first instruments for any p

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