What To Use To Clean Fretboard?

what to use to clean fretboard

I believe that even the finest among us have been guilty of neglecting our guitars until they began to sound and feel so bad that we didn’t even want to pick them up. What to use to clean fretboard? Your guitar will stay longer and last better if you take good care of it, clean it off, and make sure it is put away after each session. It forces me to take it up more frequently and lounge around, So I have to clean it a little longer than if it were put away. I prefer to keep it hanging in my living room. Please don’t ignore this till you have no choice except to sob and hand it to the nearest luthier.

Guitar Cleaning: A Step-by-Step Guide

What to use to clean fretboard? We’ll discuss the points below in great detail later in the post. To make your guitar shine like it’s brand new, follow these simple instructions to get right to the point. What to use to clean fretboard?  Hands-off, please: Although it is obvious, it is also the most crucial factor!

Take the strings out: cleaning the fretboard and body is much easier.

Get the fretboard clean: Rosewood, Ebony, and Pau Ferro fretboards can be cleaned of obstinate muck with fine steel wool, and they can be rehydrated with lemon oil. Maple fretboards can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Polish the guitar’s body: Spray guitar polish onto a soft cloth and wipe down poly-finished (gloss) guitars. Polish should be buffed out using a dry area. Only use a dry towel to clean guitars with matte, satin, or nitro finishes.

Refresh the hardware: To make your hardware shine, clean any dirt or dried sweat with a soft cloth and a small quantity of guitar polish. To get rid of rust or stickier filth, use WD-40.

Should you clean your strings right before you play?

What to use to clean fretboard? Some believe it boosts the speed of movement on the neck and the ease with which the fingers may glide across the strings (you will feel the strings go faster and run better). They claim that it enables you to play more nimbly despite having sweaty hands. But don’t panic—it doesn’t automatically imply that you’ll play better! Some claim that wiping the product right before playing, if you are used to playing with some friction, may not be to your liking because it makes your hands feel slick.


Can I clean the fretboard of my guitar with water?

It depends on how dirty it is, to be honest. A damp microfiber towel will work just fine. After that, be sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth.

My fretboard can I clean it with a toothbrush?

Yes, a toothbrush will work with some hydration or particular product if you don’t have steel wool. Typically, this is done when a substantial quantity of mud is difficult to remove using a towel.

Can I use WD-40 on my guitar?

You can, but only on metal components. Don’t even think about applying it to the wooden components.


What to use to clean fretboard? Even the bare minimum is preferable to nothing, arguably the most eloquent way to summarise the above information. Any wooden instrument ages over time, and a moist cotton cloth can sometimes go a long way.

The crisp tone, the excellent look, and the good feel of your guitar may all be preserved by taking the time to polish it down, clean the frets, and polish the strings. By doing this, you’ll eventually find yourself taking up your guitar more frequently and appreciating your instrument much more.

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