What is the Difference Between A and F Style Mandolin?

What is the Difference Between A and F Style Mandolin?

Which is better, an A-style or an F-style mandolin? What is the difference between A and F style mandolin? When you first begin looking into mandolins, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. It’s a crucial question!Their appearances are different, and most pros play F-style mandolins. 

What should you go for? An “A” or an “F” Style Mandolin?

This question cannot be answered definitively. This question cannot be answered definitively. It can be said, however, that given equal quality, there are significant differences in tone between an A and F Style mandolins. You heard that, didn’t you? Despite their differences in appearance, the A and F are pretty similar in all areas that are determinants once.

How are the two not so different?

Let’s disregard the scroll, points, and bodies since they are similar. The points are solid and do not contribute to the sound chamber. As with the scroll, it has a similar shape. A solid wood block occupies the majority of the scroll. We are left with a top and back, which produce similar outcomes regardless of the reason or function.

Is an F-style Mandolin better than an A-style mandolin?

I would straightforwardly answer no. Mandolin models usually differ from one another. It doesn’t matter if you get an A or F style mandolin if you don’t consider other factors. When a strap is wrapped around the scroll, an F style creates a different balance point than an A style. The playability of this might be an excellent place to put it. We shouldn’t worry too much about this, however. 

What makes an F-style mandolin more costly than an A-style? 

An F-style mandolin’s scroll, headstock, and points require more handwork than an A-style. As a result, an F-style mandolin can cost up to 30% more than an A-style mandolins of similar quality. If that is the case, you may wonder why someone would ever pay so much more for an F-style mandolin! If you are curious about F-style mandolins, have a look at them. The sheer beauty of an F-style mandolin is almost impossible to deny. You are not alone, so don’t be embarrassed! Most people prefer the look of the F-Style mandolins and are willing to purchase it. 

Why would an A-style mandolin be a better value for money?

An A-style mandolin does not require much labor to build, which is the most appropriate answer to this question. Hence, an A-class will almost always cost less than a B-class.


In light of the above overview, it is evident that the difference between an A-style and an F-style mandolins lies in its appearance. It is also essential to note that there are many other slight differences, including playability, type of music, and many others. Make sure you do your research before purchasing a mandolin. Consider asking friends and relatives, mandolin playing experts, music shops, or researching online; buy a mandolin within your budget, practice enough, and you will be fine. Don’t forget that an A-style mandolin is still a mandolin!

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