What Is The Best Way To Learn Guitar Without Taking Classes?

What Is The Best Way To Learn Guitar Without Taking Classes

Regular classes come in handy when you are learning to play an instrument. Even if they are not regular and more of a once-in-a-week thing, they still help out a lot. Thus, it makes sense that you might struggle without them if you just started learning to play guitar. It is difficult, but not impossible. So today, we are going to discuss the best way to learn guitar without taking classes.

Best Ways To Learn Guitar Without Taking Classes:

There are many ways you can learn guitar without taking classes, some of which are given below.

YouTube Tutorials:

Well, the best way to learn anything is by observing others doing it. And what better place than YouTube? You will get a lot of tutorials with a vast variety of styles and techniques. No matter what you want to see, it will be available on the platform. Additionally, many people will also provide you with nuggets of wisdom in the comment section if you venture into it. Remember, YouTube is not just entertainment; it’s also your friend and teacher.

Guitar Teaching Websites And Books:

Well, YouTube is well and good, but sometimes, that may not work. Thus, look for authentic guitar teaching websites. Social media platforms are also helpful in this regard, especially Reddit. Similarly, guitar books can also work to your advantage.

Find A Friend:

If you find a ‘buddy’ to play guitar with, you will be able to stay consistent. Additionally, you and your companions will be able to bounce off techniques from each other. It may be entirely possible that your friend has strengths in some areas, which are your weakness, and vice versa. In conclusion, you will be able to complement each other.

Play With Others:

If watching others play guitar is not enough, then play alongside them. An entire group of people would be able to give you more feedback on your guitar-playing technique than a single friend or solo player can. It will also allow you to mimic some techniques from others and incorporate them into your own playing.

Listen To Songs:

Hearing famous songs will also give you a lot of feedback. You can learn a lot of techniques from different music. And there are so many songs out there that just incorporate a lot of simple, basic techniques that you can quickly try out on your own.

And Finally:

Don’t forget to practice regularly!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it better to be self-taught on guitar?

Ans: It depends. If you do not have much patience and get easily frustrated, learning to play guitar on your own is not a wise decision. On the other hand, if you are adventurous and like to challenge yourself, then learning guitar on your own would be a wild but enjoyable ride for you.

Q: Is a guitar teacher worth it?

Ans: Yes, and there is no doubt about it, even if you can learn the guitar on your own. They can accurately tell you where you need improvement, so you don’t need to stumble along and figure out how to do things yourself.

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