What Is A Full Stack Amp? Complete Answer In 2023

What Is A Full Stack Amp

You would think that being a musician would not include you learning about technology, but that is the case with the field in the modern age. Gone are the days when all you needed to learn was how to play the instrument. Now, if you want to play the more modern instruments, it is imperative to learn about the attached tech-inclined accessories. And same is the case with the guitar, or more accurately, guitar amps. Today, we are going to discuss: what is a full stack amp.

Choosing A Guitar Amp:

Any musician with an electric guitar worth their salt knows exactly how important an amp is. After all, every player would like to hear what they are playing, wouldn’t they? And amp makes it possible for the guitarist to hear their own music. And there are different types of amps out there, making it difficult for beginners especially to make the final decision.

Basics Of Guitar Amps:

Again, a guitar player needs an amp with their guitar to listen to their music. This is because, without an amp, a guitar is barely audible. Thus, pairing it with an amp would bring the sound to life, making it possible for you to hear anything that you might play on it.

The amp is supposed to take the notes that you are playing on your guitar, and then convert them into many sounds. These sounds are pumped through the speakers (or the speaker of the amp), where music blasts out. Choosing the right type of amp is crucial, and if you are not careful, you can end up with the wrong one.

Guitar Amp Types:

There are three types of guitar amps.

A guitar combo includes an amplifier and one or more speakers in a single housing. A half stack consists of an amplifier head unit and a separate speaker cabinet usually containing up to four speakers. A full stack adds one more speaker cabinet to the half-stack configuration.

  • Half stack (an amplifier head unit along with a speaker cabinet containing four speakers)
  • Full stack (just an additional speaker in the half stack configuration)
  • Combo (one amplifier with single or multiple speakers in one housing)

Each of these types comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A Full Stack Amp?

The full stack amp option consists of a single amplifier head unit paired with 2 speaker cabinets. This specific type of guitar amp is the loudest option you will ever get and thus is only suitable for large or open spaces built where music can be played to large group of people. Consequently, it is also large and heavy, and thus is difficult to move around.

You might have seen this type of amp if you ever went to a rock concert.

Pros Of Full Stack Amp:

  • It is the loudest option.
  • It is the perfect choice for rock concerts.
  • Will make sure everyone can hear your music when you are playing on a big gig.
  • In case of the requirement of low sound pressure, you have the option of leaving one cabinet of speakers at home.
  • You can lessen the sound from an insane volume level with the power soak.

Cons Of Full Stack Amp:

  • It is the loudest option because it comes with the biggest amount of speakers. Thus, it is also big.
  • And consequently, heavy. They have enough wait to make moving them a challenge for any person.
  • A big thing like this needs proper storage space where it can be kept safely.
  • It can cause challenges when it comes to transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is A Full Stack Overkill?

In old times, by which we mean the 1960s, hard rock had started to become popular. But this genre of music is known for its loud volume, and playing at large venues with a big crowd could be daunting if no one could hear the players. Thus, full stack became the only option for musicians who wanted a decent shot at their music being heard.

But the modern age has brought a lot of things with it, PA systems being one of them. They might be wimpy in those days, but now, they have become a powerhouse. Who would want to lug around a big machine when you have the chance to get a sophisticated, modern piece of technology that is lightweight and gives you control over different aspects of sound?

But there is one fact that can’t be denied. A full stack amp gives a volume to the sound that PA systems don’t produce. And yes, PA systems give more control over the sound of their guitars, but some players would still prefer stage volume over that. So in the end, full stack amps are now a preference, not a necessity. After all, if you like something, why would it become overkill?

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