Should I Learn Fiddle or Violin?

Should I Learn Fiddle or Violin?

I’m glad to clarify if you’ve struggled to understand the distinction between the fiddle and the violin. Should I learn fiddle or violin? Perhaps you’ve already decided to learn the violin, but the word “fiddle” keeps coming up, or perhaps you’re simply interested. In either case, I know the solutions. Let’s finally settle the debate between the violin and the fiddle!

Which instrument should you learn: fiddle or violin?

What should you do now that you know that learning to play the classical violin would be very different from learning to play the fiddle? I can clarify this problem now that I’ve done both. You can decide by asking yourself the following questions.

What Musical Genre Do You Enjoy?

Let’s get this one out of the way since it is obvious. Learning to play the violin is the most excellent option if you enjoy classical music. When I was younger, I wouldn’t say I liked classical music (this time, I’m not even exaggerating), which is why I began to play the fiddle. Although I now enjoy it, if you can relate to the 9-year-old version of me, you should follow the folk route.

Is the folk/country scene vibrant where you reside?

You might enjoy playing the violin only if your area has a vibrant folk/country music culture. The social aspect of learning to play the fiddle was what I cherished most about it. I still enjoy going to the pub with pals for jam sessions.However, if no one else in the area like the same music, I can see how it may feel a little lonely. Additionally, finding a fiddle instructor may be challenging.

Would a Career in Music Interest You?

The choice you make should be influenced by your desire to pursue a career in music or not. A violinist’s professional career is very different from a fiddler’s. Professional fiddlers perform at pubs, taverns, or in folk or country ensembles.On the other hand, professional classical violinists typically pursue solo careers or rise through the ranks of an orchestra. I suggest taking up the fiddle if you’re searching for a new hobby. Fiddle players typically want fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. I have nothing against violinists, but I’d perform in a bar rather than an orchestra. merely stating

FAQ on violin vs. fiddle

Question- Why Do Violins Get the Name “Fiddles”?

Answer- Like I, you might have heard someone call a violin a fiddle. Occasionally, someone will casually refer to their violin as a “fiddle.” It’s like violinists’ slang! Both terms describe the same instrument.

Question- How Do You Fiddle Around on the Violin?

Answer- Essentially, playing folk music is required to play the violin like a fiddle. There is a bit more to it than that, but I’ll go into more detail later in this essay. Violinists often receive classical training, but fiddlers learn by playing traditional music. The same instruments are used, but the players use various playing styles.

Question- How challenging is learning the fiddle?

Answer- One of the most challenging instruments to master is the fiddle. Learning the classical violin is more complex than learning the fiddle, but it depends on the musician. Fiddlists are mostly social players who pick up the instrument to jam with their pals or join bands.

 Fiddlists enjoy themselves more!

This post has helped you understand the situation. You can now choose whether the violin or the fiddle is the victor! Don’t take the decision too seriously if you’re attempting to determine whether to learn to play the violin or the fiddle. The music they perform is ultimately the only genuine distinction between the two. Therefore, you may permanently alter your mind and listen to some folk music if you begin classical instruction and completely detest it. I started learning the fiddle before realising that I would need further training if I wanted to join an orchestra. I must admit that I enjoyed the challenge. As a result, you can always switch between the two. No rules apply to music! However, fiddlists enjoy themselves more.

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