Is Silent Violin Good For Beginners

Is silent violin good for beginners

Beginners in music always struggle to find the first instrument that they can sharpen their teeth on it. Selecting one instrument is not as simple as you might think; there are many types to choose from! You can get acoustic, electronic, and silent violins, each with its own pros and cons. Among them, silent violins are famous for those musicians who want to practice their skills silently without disturbing anyone. Plug in their headphones, and they are ready to go. But is silent violin good for beginners? Keep reading to find out.

Is Silent Violin Good For Beginners?

To be blunt, it is recommended that beginners look for acoustic violins.

Teachers would also prefer that you get an acoustic violin instead of a silent one. As a beginner, acoustic violins may be better than electric violins for a few reasons. First, they produce a resonant sound, different from an electric violin or silent one that uses technology and wires to make its sound. There is also the reason that silent violins are not able to give that feeling that comes with an acoustic one, like feel and vibration as well as a response to different pressures, which does not give them practical experience to train themselves for playing the violin.

Is Silent Violin good?

A silent violin does not have the resonating chamber of a traditional violin, so you won’t hear much of a sound when it’s played. However, it is possible to put on headphones and listen to your sound! So yes, even though it may not be a good choice for beginners, that does not mean that it is not good on the overall scale. In fact, it can be a great option if you want to practice without disturbing anyone with the sound of the violin so a silent violin could be a good option for you.

What violin should a beginner get?

Well, if a silent violin is out of the options, then which is one to choose? As mentioned above, an acoustic one would be a good start, with the size of a 4/4 Full-Size Student Violin. Moreover, the violin should be sturdy and of high quality so that it can take a bit of wear and tear over the years and should not be expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Silent violins really silent?

Ans: The answer is quite simple: yes, it definitely does, despite its name. Yamaha invented the term “Silent,” which is used to describe its line of ‘Silent’ violins, an electric violin with a solid body and built-in headphone amplifier, which was introduced to the market back in the early 1990s.

Q: Is the electric violin suitable for a beginner?

Ans: Electric violins shouldn’t be considered a simpler option compared to acoustic violins. Despite the fact that the sound might be easier to produce if you don’t learn how to generate a sound on a violin properly, you may suffer in the future. An electric violin is a great instrument if you want to be a part of a modern band.

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