Is Rockjam a Good Brand – Complete Buying Guide

Is Rockjam a Good Brand

YES! For beginners or even more seasoned users searching for a reasonably priced kit that is already assembled, the RockJam Keyboard is fantastic. Is rockjam a good brand? At a meager cost, it includes a stand, headphones, and a seat. It’s one of the best complete kits out there.

Is rockjam a good brand? 

I’ve attempted to devise a method to write this review, so it doesn’t read as a pure criticism of this guitar kit. I think it’s a good idea to include all the essential instruments someone would require to begin playing the electric guitar. Is rockjam a good brand? The guitar RockJam supplied me for review is quite literally the worst instrument I’ve ever tried to play.

Unfortunately, this was included in a guitar starter package when it was shipped. A true novice might not know necessary to understand that this instrument is hardly playable at all. They might assume they are simply incapable of playing and give up.

Guitar body

Is rockjam a good brand? The paint smudges next to the neck pocket would be enough for most people to send it back. They weren’t even sanded; they were scraped. On the rear, a lump is visible through the paint. It appears that someone attempted to polish it down but wore through the top coat of paint. While other places were buffing somewhat, large areas appeared to have received no buffing.


Basswood is mentioned in the description for the body and fretboard. The actual definition of the fretboard escapes me. I’ve never seen a fretboard like it before. However, it’s not basswood. Is rockjam a good brand? The fretboard’s sides are covered in rough varnish, glue, or something else in some spots, yet the top surface appears in good condition overall.


All the bridge saddles were positioned as high as feasible without an arc to match the fretboard’s radius. The strings, as a result, are incredibly high. This guitar was unplayable right out of the box due to these issues and the previously noted extremely high nut. Is rockjam a good brand? 

I played the guitar after drastically reducing the saddles and adjusting their heights to the fretboard’s radius. But it was challenging because of the high nut. A novice would be completely unable to perform these modifications. All of the pickups produced hardly any loudness for me. Approximately flush with the pickguard, they were mounted.

It plays, and the wiring and switches are all functional.

What about the RockJam amp?

Sorry. I never even opened the amp’s box because the first guitar was terrible. A handyman bought the amp and the guitar with the idea that he could fix all the problems and give the guitar to his son for Christmas. He paid a price that made the risk worthwhile in his eyes. There were no accessories at all included with the replacement guitar. The Tremolo bar, strap, chord, amp, picks, etc., are absent.


Is rockjam a good brand? The RockJam 61-Key Keyboard Piano is for you if you’re seeking a cheap keyboard with many functions. It is straightforward, simple to use, and quick to set up. It performs as well as any expensive keyboard without emptying your wallet. What else is there to want in an electric piano? If you’re not interested in this,

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