Is Mandolin Harder Than Ukulele? – Complete Guide

Is Mandolin Harder Than Ukulele?

Ukuleles are usually the right choice for beginners. Is mandolin harder than ukulele? The ukulele is safer than the mandolin since you can learn to play it first, and it is more affordable.

The ukulele is easy to learn, but the final decision is yours. In addition to the need for more intuition in tuning, the form of music it plays also requires a higher level of expertise. Is mandolin harder than ukulele? Thus, playing the mandolin requires a lot of practice to achieve a presentable skill level. It is always possible to learn the mandolin later on.

Differences Between The Mandolin and Ukulele


Ukuleles are plucked lutes that originated in Hawaiian music traditions brought by Portuguese immigrants in the 19th century. America and other countries became famous for the instrument in the 20as and across. Is mandolin harder than ukulele?

The modern mandolin originated from Naples, Italy, in the late 18th century and is a strummed or plucked instrument. In reality, the original mandore form of the mandolin dates back to the 14th century.


Their strings may appear similar at first glance, but mandolins have 8 strings and, therefore, eight tuning pegs.

Mandolins can have 8 to 12 strings in some cases. As their strings are metallic, it isn’t easy to press or strum them with bare hands, so they play with picks. The ukulele, however, has four nylon strings, so strumming it doesn’t require a pick.


There is a significant difference in tuning between these two instruments, where standard ukulele strings are tuned to GCEA. Ukulele tuning sounds like a guitar, and in fact, like the highest notes of a four-string guitar. In concerts, you will often hear ukuleles playing various guitar sounds. The nylon strings make the ukulele sound mellow.

An average mandolin is tuned to GDAE, similar to a violin’s sound. Someone playing the violin can also play mandolin scales since the steel mandolin has a biting timbre. If you want, you can tune a mandolin like a ukulele.

Music Style

Due to their louder sound, mandolins are used in bluegrass, American folk, and classical music. Mandolins’ steel strings make them best for precise notes and are good enough to be used with banjos, guitars, and other instruments.

Ukulele nylon strings provide a vibrant musical sound when playing folk music. Ukulele sounds to produce a sweet low tone, making them ideal for dancing. A mandolin’s unique sound is also prestigious.


Is mandolin harder than ukulele? It is easy to determine the ideal musical instrument to learn first based on all the factors and differences mentioned above. Make sure you pick a good quality ukulele if you choose to buy a cheap ukulele. The sounds produced by both devices are pleasant and sweet.

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