Is Mandolin A Good First Instrument? Complete Answer In 2023

Is mandolin a good first instrument

People often struggle to pick up their first musical instrument. Many want to pick up the one that would be easy, have simple techniques, and will take relatively less time. Only people with a specific preference go after the harder ones. However, there are a lot of options to pick from, which can cause some confusion. So today, we are going to discuss whether; is mandolin a good first instrument?

Is Mandolin A Good First Instrument?

Any instrument can be a good first instrument, and this includes the mandolin. Go for it if you’re attracted to the sound and are willing to spend the actual time needed to learn an instrument, as long as you’re eager to put in the effort.

Learning how to play mandolin is not a difficult task. Due to its lightweight and compact design, you will be able to practice anywhere you like. There are fewer strings on this instrument when compared to other devices, like the guitar, which makes it much easier to read tablature than on others. Mandolins also have the best design of all fretted instruments. Beginners need only use three fingers to play a basic scale, starting with the bottom string. Unlike in guitar, where standard guitar tuning makes it impossible for beginners to play simple scales, this technique is simpler to master.

Additionally, the mandolin is versatile when it comes to genres and makes an excellent introduction to fretted instruments. So yes, it can be said that the mandolin is a good first instrument. But there are also some things that you need to know when using the mandolin as your first instrument.

Should I Use Mandolin As My First Instrument?

Although mandolins can make a good beginner instrument, you should think about them carefully. Yes, if that’s your favorite, go for it. Otherwise, no. Mandolins are not as easy to learn as you might think, so if you are looking for a stringed instrument to be your first one, you should look for a ukulele.

Ukuleles are probably the easiest stringed instruments to play. It has softer strings, is easier to tune, and has a wider fingerboard, which means it has a bit more flexibility. Thus, it would be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is mandolin easier to learn than guitar?

Guitars have more strings than mandolins, which means they are harder to learn. Hence, mandolins are easier to learn compared to guitars.

Can you teach yourself mandolin?

Online mandolin lessons are available in several ways, thanks to today’s technology. Whatever type of tutoring you need, whether it’s live one-on-one tutoring via Skype, classes, or free video-based tutorials, it can be found on the internet. However, if you can afford a tutor, go for that. That would be the better choice as your teacher would be able to notice any problems you might be having with your techniques.

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