Is It Hard to Learn How to Play An MPC?

Is It Hard to Learn How to Play An MPC?

The MPC Live is a stand-alone music production studio in the truest sense of the word; it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery. Is it hard to learn how to play an MPC? It practically begs to be played with, modified, and programmed because of its stunning 7″ multi-touch display and 16 incredibly responsive pads. Renowned MPC expert Booker Edwards thoroughly breaks down all the functions of this fantastic music production center in this comprehensive 27-tutorial course.

Beginning with a thorough examination of the MPC live hardware, Booker teaches you everything there is to know about the device’s pads, buttons, knobs, touch-sensitive display, and back panel. After giving you a thorough overview of the user interface, Booker walks you through using templates and projects, importing and editing samples, and sequencing and arranging. 

Is it hard to learn how to play an MPC? You also learn some clever automation and mixing tricks, as well as how to record audio using a DAW and perform other tasks like audio editing and wrapping. Without live performance advice and techniques, this course would fall short, and plenty of them are inside!

Do MPCs have a huge learning curve?

Is it hard to learn how to play an MPC? I’ll give you a little history of my perspective. I enjoy making beats just for fun. J Dilla and 9th Wonder are two artists who inspire me. I’ve been playing with GarageBand for a while, so when I discovered that I could import old funky soul samples, slice them up, and assign each one to a different key on my MIDI, I was over the moon. I had a great time with it.

Then, I purchased a PC and Fruity Loops and began producing more organized work. I went away from that because I could never figure out how—or even if there is a way—to attach my samples to a keyboard and play them in fruity loops. But I enjoy eating Fruity Loops. To cut a long tale short, while I currently use FL, I would like to resume my previous practice of key-binding the drums and employing sounds, and it would appear that MPCs would be a good fit for that approach.


I had never used a beat machine before, so it took me a month to learn the fundamentals and a year to push it to its limit. But at this point, I am more interested in creating my drum kits and instrument kits. Is it hard to learn how to play an MPC? It’s an uphill task, but after I’m done, I know that if I bring it to a performance, people will be curious about the drum disc I purchased.


Is it hard to learn how to play an MPC? This performance-focused sampler/sequencer comes with a touch screen and, more crucially, Dave Smith Instruments’ analog filtering. Although less advanced than its rivals, it is still substantial and user-friendly.

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