How to Record Midi Keyboard in FL Studio?

How to Record Midi Keyboard in FL Studio?

FL Studio has altered the music industry for numerous producers, beat-makers, and rappers. The digital audio workstation continues to draw musicians because writing music using MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) is straightforward. How to record a midi keyboard in fl studio?

This is excellent news if you’re fresh to FL Studio. A keyboard can trigger various sounds and samples, including beats, synthesizers, and other virtual instruments, to create a whole song using MIDI. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to record MIDI in FL Studio and transform that tune you’ve been thinking about into an actual recording!

Set Up Your MIDI Device in FL Studio 

How to record a midi keyboard in fl studio? First, confirm that a USB cable is being used to connect your MIDI device to your computer. Older MIDI equipment needs a cable with an “IN” and “OUT” MIDI prong. Modern devices use a USB cable to connect to your computer and receive electricity. A straightforward 49 MIDI keyboard is a fantastic place to start if you’re unsure what to use. Considering buying a MIDI controller, consider brands like Alesis, Akai, and M-Audio.

Create and Assign A Track 

How to record a midi keyboard in fl studio? You can start making beats after your MIDI device is connected. Most FL Studio projects already have a mixer with several channels built-in. The choice is yours, or you can add a new channel. Your MIDI controller should be recognized by FL Studio automatically, and it should choose the source for you. Ensure “Notes” is selected when you right-click the record button before recording the MIDI section. This makes it possible to capture specific MIDI notes from the controller.

Choose Your Virtual Instrument and Start Recording

The use of MIDI over conventional audio has a tonne of benefits. One of the beautiful things about MIDI is the ability to load and trigger any sound you can think of. FL Studio is pre-loaded with keyboards, drum samples, bass presets, synths, and more. How to record a midi keyboard in fl studio? There will be some full-scale instruments that can be started by pressing any MIDI key on your controller. Other instruments, such as a drum kit, only produce 10 to 30 distinct sounds and can only be played with the first set of keys.

After recording, alter the MIDI notes.

Another strength is MIDI’s capability to return to your track and edit notes. In FL Studio, you can add, remove, relocate, lengthen, or shorten notes and quantize whole sections (more on quantizing in the next section). For producers, this is a game-changer! No longer is a flawless take necessary. Additionally, you may now freely change up some areas. You mistakenly record the wrong note while recording a 4-bar loop. Just return and erase the note. Or, let’s assume you record four chords and decide later that you want to adjust one of them. How to record a midi keyboard in fl studio?

MIDI Section Layers in FL Studio

To achieve a “full” sound for your music, layering sections and instruments several times is one trick. You may copy and paste MIDI portions in FL Studio to strengthen particular synth lines, piano riffs, and more. To accomplish this, take your MIDI recording and paste it onto another FL Studio channel strip. One track can now be hard-panned to the left and the other to the right.

Start FL Studio’s MIDI recording now.

The way music is composed and recorded today has altered due to MIDI. It has made tens of thousands of sounds, orchestras, drum kits, and other tools available to regular bedroom musicians. How to record a midi keyboard in fl studio? Although recording MIDI is very straightforward, mastering MIDI production requires years of experience and attention. Now that you are familiar with FL Studio’s MIDI setup and recording capabilities, it’s time to unleash your creativity and start writing your music! You’ll have a finished recording ready for public consumption in no time. So why are you still waiting? Go your laptop out and get to work!

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