How To Play Guitar Faster – Complete Guide

How To Play Guitar Faster

If you want to master guitar faster, you’ve come to the right place! It is not uncommon for musicians to get bogged down when they try to play guitar faster or how to play guitar faster? . As you master the music, you can gradually speed up as you progress. Following these 6 tips will help you learn to play guitar more quickly and effectively, which is a pretty universal and proven method.

How to play guitar faster? 

Practice Play Guitar Faster 

There’s a high chance you’ve learned guitar on your own, with or without guidance from an instructor. Despite this, some guitar instructors fail to teach their students how to practice. Practicing improving your technique will help you play the guitar faster. How to play guitar faster?

Whenever possible, the pick should pause after every note. You should, however, keep it between the strings. By reducing unnecessary motion, you will be able to move faster. Stopping helps you speed up; yes, you read that right!

Be sure to use a metronome.

You may need to use it in small doses, as it can be nerve-wracking. It’s easy to feel the pulse with the Soundbrenner Pulse. Some have said they’ve been a game-changer for them, despite their price. You can also download free or low-cost smartphone apps if you prefer a more affordable option. 

Work on finger independence with the guitar.

With less motion in your fret hand, you’ll be able to play notes faster on guitar. When you type on a computer keyboard, do you use one finger on each hand or the “home key” approach? Your guitar speed will increase exponentially when you become finger-independent. Stay close to the frets and use your fingertips. As a result, stretching becomes more accessible, and you can stretch faster.

Play Guitar Faster with Less Stress

Any instrument we practice tends to be a whole-body exercise. It is, in a sense. It has been our experience that percussionists can improve their accuracy and expression by breathing with the music. Your greatest enemy is tension, regardless of the instrument you play.

The more you practice guitar, the more likely you will find tens. You can’t play as fast if you’re stressed out. Getting your fingers to move more freely on the fretboard is possible by consciously relaxing tension in your body. Having only one finger to produce a note will increase your fretting guitar speed and finger independence. 

Think Faster, Play Faster

Is it true that learning an instrument can IMPROVE your IQ? By learning guitar, adults with mature brains can increase their IQ by 7 points! What will you do with all this added brainpower? 

If you are using printed music or lead sheets, read ahead. Most professional musicians see several measures ahead of the notes they are playing. When you are driving, if you only look at the hood of your car, you don’t know where you’re driving, and you aren’t ready for variables. When you look forward, you are prepared for what lies ahead.

Pick Strength for Speed

It is critical to have a strong pick when playing guitar if you want to increase your speed. As a result, your upstroke is as solid and transparent as your downstroke. Guess what? The practice of this is a significant cause of tension among guitar players! You get tense in your hand, then in your forearm, until your shoulder hurts and your back is tense. To reduce tension throughout your body, practice picking things up with as low a motion as possible. 

The Back-and-Forth of Fast Guitar Playing

How to play guitar faster? If you practice and build up speed, you may find that you aren’t playing as fast as yesterday. Do not let discouragement get you down! This always characterizes performing activities. Our guitar classes tell our students that practicing guitar for speed is a two-step forward, one-step back process.

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