How To Mix Music On Mac For Free?

How To Mix Music On Mac For Free

Mixing music is not a hobby limited to professionals. Today, many aspiring musicians love to mix and produce music. In fact, some do it simply as a hobby. But for those people, paying hundreds of dollars to get a professional DAW is not an optimal option. Thus, many people ask how to mix music on Mac for free?

How To Mix Music On Mac For Free:

MacBook users are lucky in a sense; they can mix music for free. And the reason they can do that is that MacBook comes with already downloaded GarageBand. To mix music on Mac for free, use the following steps.

  • Open the GarageBand.
  • On its interface, click on New Project.
  • Click on Loops, and then hit the Choose
  • A window will pop open. In the Save As box, type the name of your new song.
  • You can also specify the location of where you want to save that new project in the Where
  • You can change the scales below according to your preferences, like Tempo, Keys, Signature, bpm,,
  • Hit Create and get ready to start music mixing.
  • A window will open. In the bottom right corner, click the button for View/ Hide the Media Browser. This will show your whole music menu.
  • Click on any song you want to choose to see the preview, and then drag it to the middle of the window.
  • Now, go to the bottom right corner again and click on the eye-shaped icon to open different types of mixes that you can add to your selected song.
  • Click on the mixes to preview them. You can also go to Master Track to add advanced mixes and effects.
  • Save the song after all the editing. And you are done.

How To Mix Music On Mac For Free Without GarageBand?

This is a valid question. What if you don’t have the GarageBand on your Mac? Or if you have deleted it by chance? In that case, you can download other DAWs that are not only compatible with your Mac computer they are also free.

  • Audacity (it is one of the most commonly used sound mixer software that is free and is also open source.
  • Mix (It is another open-source sound mixer software that has a few similar similarities to Audacity)
  • MixPad
  • Logic Pro X
  • GarageBand
  • djay PRO

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is GarageBand free?

Ans: Yes, GarageBand is absolutely free and comes pre-downloaded in Mac computers. In fact, Apple has not only declined to make money on this app for 15 years, but they have also spent millions meticulously refining it. However, the premium version of the software, Logic, costs around $200.

Q: How do you mix music on a Mac?

Ans: Go to Mix Music. You’re ready to mix music on Mac at this point since the audio files in the Program’s Media Library are fine. Just click on the “Audio Mixer” button on the toolbar, which will give you access to the “Audio Mixer” tool in this music mixing software. An audio mixer window will appear after clicking on the “Audio Mixer” button.

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