How to Make Subwoofer Louder in Car?

How to Make Subwoofer Louder in Car?

Contrary to popular opinion, a speaker’s “loudness” is not primarily determined by physical characteristics. Although speaker size significantly impacts volume capacity, other factors such as power handling, efficiency, insulation, and a wide range of others also come into play. How to make subwoofer louder in car? In truth, many subwoofers have microscopic physical dimensions and can produce powerful, clear, and rich sound.

Wattage, or handling of power

How to make subwoofer louder in car? One of the critical factors affecting a subwoofer’s ability to produce volume and “loudness” is the amount of power (measured in watts) it can handle. The manufacturer will be able to tell you the maximum wattage that each subwoofer is capable of handling. How loud a subwoofer can be turned up is heavily influenced by the overall amount of power it can handle.

Typically, manufacturers list two subwoofer power figures:

  • What a subwoofer can sustain over time without being harmed, measured in nominal power (RMS).
  • Peak power: The maximum amount of power that a subwoofer can withstand without breaking.

Loudspeaker Size

What size subwoofers play loudest is a never-ending question. It isn’t easy to give a straightforward response because you must consider several factors, such as sensitivity, enclosure type, and power handling. The size of your subwoofer significantly impacts the volume of your sound system; however, there are others. In general, more giant subs can move more air than smaller subs, which allows them to produce loud, powerful bass. How to make subwoofer louder in car? However, regardless of the size of the speaker, the sound system will still be constrained by its power without enough battery. Therefore, the two elements are interrelated.


To attain high output, sensitivity, measured in dB, must work in tandem with power handling. The ability of a subwoofer to transform input electrical energy into acoustic energy is measured by its sensitivity rating. Compared to a model with a lesser sensitivity rating, a high-sensitivity subwoofer uses less power to create the same amount of sound.

Utilize a port box

A “Vent” is employed in ported boxes to enhance the deep bass response. This vent amplifies the bass by combining sound from the front of the cone with sound from the cone’s back. Additionally, the port creates an audio effect that mimics someone blowing through a bottle; this tonal effect enhances the cone’s note. Additionally, the sub’s cone can move around more freely inside port enclosures. These attributes make ported boxes more effective. Efficiency increases as electricity consumption decrease. In other words, a smaller amp allows you to play at a higher volume than a comparable sealed box would. Improved Power How to make subwoofer louder in car? As the power is raised, the bass will increase. Sound is louder inside and outside the automobile when the bass is strong. However, watch out for subwoofers that bottom out.

Should I soundproof my car to get better bass?

Subwoofers produce potent vibrations from the bass; therefore, they must be mounted securely to prevent you from hearing the entire car trembling. Although some cars feature basic sound deadening, primarily in the floor region, which marginally muffles temperature and exhaust noise, this is insufficient to dampen bass in the car. Your automobile audio system will function much better if sound deadening is used to cover the floor and seal any door holes. This will significantly help with bass dispersion inside and outside the cabin.


How to make subwoofer louder in car? A subwoofer’s sound output can unquestionably be improved with amplifiers. The subwoofer is louder thanks to amplifiers, giving you a superior audio quality listening experience. Amplifiers, however, might not be the best choice for people with limited funds. Additionally, only some have adequate space to store and maintain the amplifier.

To create a more significant bass impact, you can situate the speaker differently and fine-tune it to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can change the crossover and phase parameters. To achieve a wonderful audio listening experience, using premium audio files is a terrific idea. To augment the sounds to match your musical inclination, choose port boxes or polyfill layered boxes if you use enclosure boxes.

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