How to Make Dubstep in Garageband

How to Make Dubstep in Garageband

If you use a Mac, GarageBand is probably already set up on your computer, so you can start making music immediately! Splice enhances the experience of creating music in GarageBand by making it simple to back up and store all of your work, collaborate with other GarageBand users globally, and share your work with our community so that others may benefit from the music you’ve produced. How to make dubstep in garageband? We’ll go over the fundamentals of how this project example was made to teach you how to make dubstep in GarageBand. To begin:

1) Open a free account on Splice.

2) Download the Splice client

3) To download the project and access the entire session, click “splice” on the project below.

About Dubstep:

How to make dubstep in garageband? In the early 2000s, London was the birthplace of dubstep. Early stylistic inspirations included 2-step, dub reggae, and drum and bass. Bass-driven riddims, simple half-time drums, and ominous settings characterize this genre. Most Dubstep songs are created at a 140 bpm tempo (or thereabout).


We developed a software instrument track, loaded the “Dub Smash” kit, and then programmed MIDI notes to write the pieces to form the drum arrangement. How to make dubstep in garageband? As the track developed, different regions produced portions and variations. You can play the various parts by triggering a MIDI keyboard or pad or using the pencil tool to sketch in the strikes. Each MIDI note represents a different drum sound. The pointer becomes a pencil tool when you press the [command] key. Take note of how the bass line changes as the drum parts do.

Bass Line

How to make dubstep in garageband? Possibly the most crucial component of a Dubstep tune is the bass line. The Garage Band library used many bass loops to construct this particular component. We created a Dubstep bass line that sounds like EDM by breaking them up and rearranging them. Take note of the variety of phrases that keep the song interesting.

Synth Lead

The festival lead patch was loaded to provide the synth lead. The synth plays a more melodic line later in the music after being used as a backdrop or building section in the intro. How to make dubstep in garageband? If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard, you can preview and record portions using the musical keyboard by pressing [Apple – K] to bring it up. Finding a sound complements the bass line and sounds well on top of the mix.

Texture and Sound Effects

How to make dubstep in garageband? To use in the introduction, breakdown, and second drop, we selected an ethereal sample from the GarageBand library. In addition to adding to the rhythmic pulse, this augmentation provides the song texture and an ominous feel. The sound effects, which are taken from the Garageband library, also help the song’s transition between its many parts sound better.

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