How to Make An Electric Guitar Sound Acoustic

How to Make An Electric Guitar Sound Acoustic

Are you looking for that warm guitar tone without purchasing an electric guitar? How to make an electric guitar sound acoustic? When playing live, are you required to switch between acoustic and electric guitars between performances? By using an electric guitar, it’s possible to simulate an acoustic sound.

As this often depends on what electric guitar you’re using and what amp you’re playing, you won’t always get an acoustic tone. The sound can be made acoustic with some tricks. How to make an electric guitar sound acoustic? Listed below are some of the best tips.

  1. Make sure your amp settings are correct
  2. Make use of an acoustic simulator pedal
  3. Choose the neck pickup
  4. Strings should be changed

I’ll cover all these tips in more detail, but first, let’s talk about what an acoustic guitar sounds like and how it differs from an electric guitar. I’ll then discuss making your electric sound like an acoustic! Let’s begin! 

How Does an Acoustic Guitar Sound?

First, I thought it would be good to explain why an electric guitar sounds different from an acoustic and what defines an acoustic tone. Differences Between Acoustic and Electric GuitarsAcoustic guitars differ in tone because they are designed to receive and amplify sound differently. How to make an electric guitar sound acoustic? These are some of the critical differences between acoustic and electric guitars. 

Amp Settings

Adjusting your amp’s settings is the easiest and cheapest way to make your guitar sound acoustic. Taking this step is extremely important. 

You should keep in mind, however, that adjusting your amp settings will only get you so far, and your success will be determined by your amp and your guitar. You shouldn’t expect it to sound completely authentic. It may be necessary to use some of the other methods listed here.

Use an Acoustic Simulator Pedal

Using an acoustic simulator pedal, you can make your electric guitar sound like an acoustic. If you’re new to effects pedals, they connect to your guitar and amp to change the tone. A pedal can come in various sizes, brands, and models. 

Guitar Settings

The following way to make your electric guitar sound like an acoustic is to adjust its settings. We’ve already talked about how tweaking your amp settings can help dial in an acoustic tone, but you shouldn’t forget about your guitar’s controls. With this trick, you can quickly and for free convert your electric guitar’s tone to an acoustic one!

Change your Strings

Last but not least, it shouldn’t be overlooked if you want an authentic acoustic tone from your electric guitar. As far as creating the ultimate tone, guitar strings significantly impact the tone produced. However, they’re often overlooked. 

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