How To Connect Speakers to PC Without Amplifier?

How To Connect Speakers to PC Without Amplifier?

Modern laptops already have sound-producing amplifiers built. It might not be the case with PCs because some may need an additional set of speakers for their audio. You may be considering getting external speakers for your desktop. How to connect speakers to pc without amplifier? Our comprehensive guide covers every technique you’ll need to be aware of to connect your speakers to your PC without an amplifier.

You visit the electronics store, where the clerk confronts you with these awkward inquiries: Are you looking for an active or passive speaker? Which speaker sizes are you looking for? Are you aware of the impedance needed for the speakers you plan to purchase? Do you also require additional parts to connect your speakers?

Active Speakers

How to connect speakers to pc without amplifier? The amplifier of active-powered speakers is integrated. These speakers can easily connect to various audio sources thanks to the direct connection to your sound input source. Active speakers work with a variety of devices, including computers, mixers, and monitors, as well as audio equipment. They only need to be plugged into your sound input to start playing!

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Active Speakers


  • possess an integrated amplifying system.
  • highly adaptable
  • using the amplification equipment can improve the sound quality
  • uses less energy


  • unable to change the amplification
  • no upgradeable
  • pricey compared to passive speakers
  • due to the integrated components, much heavier (amplifier)

Passive Speakers

How to connect speakers to pc without amplifier? Unlike active speakers, which only need one amplifier, passive speakers also need different cables. You will need special cables to connect these speakers to your sound system. Passive speakers are substantially less convenient to utilize because of the additional crossovers. It would help if you plugged generator wires into your passive speakers for power amplification. These sound better and are of excellent quality.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Passive Speakers


  • possesses interchangeable components.
  • The amplifier is simple to get to.
  • It can increase the sound’s factory settings.
  • Adequate control over audio signal processing.


  • More signal loss is expected
  • to increase the possibility of sound interference.
  • Some components won’t work together.

Speaker impedance

How to connect speakers to pc without amplifier? Another name for speaker impedance is the Ohm rating. The unit of measurement for impedance is the Ohm rating. This speaker’s characteristic makes it more difficult for electrical current to pass through. Impedance typically falls between 4, 8, and 16 Ohms. See this video for more information.

Speaker Size

Better speakers only sometimes imply larger speakers. More prominent speakers produce enormous amounts of energy, which explains why sound volume affects speaker size. More prominent speakers have more considerable distortions as well. In addition to the listening position, there is a correlation between more prominent speakers and room size.

Connecting Speakers Without An Amplifier To A PC

How to connect speakers to pc without amplifier? Looking back, we accomplished a lot! Learning how to connect the two different speaker kinds without using an additional amplifier. You are now free to listen to the audio with clear instructions. You just connected your speakers without an amplifier, so head out into the world feeling accomplished!

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