How to Connect External Speakers to TV With Audio Output?

How to Connect External Speakers to TV With Audio Output?

I understand how you feel because many TVs today have subpar speaker sound. You may want to watch your favorite movies or television episodes at a louder volume. How to connect external speakers to tv with audio output? In this article, I’ll explain your options and tell you if you can directly connect speakers to your TV. I want to make sure you have the proper sound so you can enjoy watching television.

Can I directly connect speakers to my TV?

 How to connect external speakers to tv with audio output? Let’s get to the primary question’s answers right immediately. The bad news is that you can’t connect speakers directly to a TV, but I’ll explain later. The good news is that there are alternative, relatively simple ways to attach speakers to a TV.

How TV audio outputs function and typical types

Analog (which can be boosted to drive speakers or link to a home stereo receiver) or digital audio outputs are typically found on televisions. Before driving speakers, digital signals must be transformed back to analog. How to connect external speakers to tv with audio output?

The first and most crucial thing to understand is that TVs don’t have speaker outputs. Instead, they often offer analog (and occasionally digital) low-level outputs for a home stereo, powered speakers, or amplifier. The media generate the audio signal you can connect to you’re watching’s internal electronics, just like any audio electronics without speaker outputs. In this scenario, the audio is taken out of the TV signal, divided, and routed to the audio output jacks and the internal speakers (if any).

TV audio outputs: digital versus analog

 How to connect external speakers to tv with audio output? Analog outputs can be hooked to any amplifier, powered speakers, or receiver with RCA or similar analog inputs. Although they are ubiquitous, not all TVs today have them. While some home stereo/home theatre receivers have digital audio inputs, others require digital audio outputs to be converted to an analog sound signal using a converter box.

The supported digital audio outputs by industry standards are as follows: Coaxial (RCA jack) digital output is a popular choice for full-range sound in place of TOSLINK connectors in home subwoofer systems. Jack for fiber optic output Almost always, a plug-in fiber optic cable of the TOSLINK type is used with this connector (not expensive).

What to do if you are unable to change the TV’s audio output volume

 How to connect external speakers to tv with audio output? Examples of four workarounds for TVs without a volume control for the output. It’s a complex problem, but there are several practical solutions. Unfortunately, even while many TVs allow you to connect speakers, a stereo receiver, or an amplifier, not all TVs let you use your remote to change the output level. Unfortunately, whether or not your specific model succeeds is somewhat “luck of the draw.”

There are a few solutions to help, which is excellent news:

TVs with digital outputs can be used with a digital-to-analog (RCA) converter with remote control and volume controls. These sell for about USD 20. On TVs with only 3.5mm headphone or RCA type connectors, Use a gadget like the MCM #50-8394 inline volume control with remote to control the volume, though it is more expensive (USD 44). You can alternatively use an inbuilt RCA volume control with a knob if money is limited or you don’t care about a remote. All you’ll need are connecting cables that are long enough.

 How to connect external speakers to tv with audio output? You can also utilize an inbuilt volume control with an adjustable knob with a 3.5mm headphone-type connector, similar to option #3. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what would work best; however, if feasible, I advise utilizing a converter box with a remote and the digital audio output. That is more difficult than connecting your TV’s audio to a home stereo receiver with a remote, even if many people need the option. This problem has been brought up by a few of my readers who wanted a hassle-free way to change their TV’s sound output. Unfortunately, the TV manufacturer frequently needs to inform you that the audio outputs must be adjustable. You might only know once you connect your speakers and try them.

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