How To Amplify Sound Without Electricity

How To Amplify Sound Without Electricity

Modern age has given us a lot of wonderful technologies. Included in them are the devices that make sure our voices can reach over a large area without us tearing our throats in an attempt to be audible. However, amplifying sounds with electricity or electrical devices is not the only way we can achieve that. So today, we are going to discuss: how to amplify sound without electricity?

Can I Amplify Sound Without Electricity?

Well, technically you cannot amplify a sound without a proper power. There needs to be something that can push the sound to higher levels. But that does not means that it is impossible. Because there are a lot of ways you can achieve that, all without using electricity.

How To Amplify Sound Without Electricity:

Here are some ways you can use to amplify the sound without using electricity.

Acoustic Cone:

You can create cone out of paper or hard sheet if you don’t have the plastic equivalent. This is perhaps the best way to achieve the result, as this technique was the one that was used in old devices like gramophones. Acoustic cone is the best solution.

A Cup:

Using a cup or glass is another way to amplify sound without electricity. In fact, this is what most people do for their phones when they do not have a speaker or another alternative. Just make sure that the cup or glass is empty of fluids, and you put your phone in the cup itself. Ceramic cups give loudest sounds. Styrofoam and plastic cups don’t do much in terms of amplification, but do help to increase the bass to an astonishing degree. The best compromise would be glass material.

A DIY Amplifier:

If simple ways are not enough, you can DIY a speaker or an amplifier in your home with minimal supplies. Get your hands on something that has a resonant frequency which matches the sound that you want to amplify. That thing can be many things; a box with an opening, a horn shaped device, or even a chamber. Take the source of sound, which for the sake of explanation is mobile, and put it into that device. Make sure to place it near the end of horn or the opening of the box, and you are good to go.

Changing The Humidity Levels:

It may come as surprise, but the humidity levels can also have an impact on the amplification of the sound. Thus by changing the relative humidity of air, you can amplify the audible acoustic sound in a place.

Changing The Humidity Levels


Couple It With Physical Object:

If you still remember your science from school, you might remember that sound propagates the fastest in solid objects. Even liquids allow the sound to travel 5 times faster than that in the air. By adhering to the same principal, you can just couple/ attach the source of the sound with a solid, physical object. You can also achieve that by putting it into air, but we would not recommend that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question- Which device is used to amplify?

Answer- To amplify a sound, a device called amplifier is used. Also known as electronic amplifier or (informally) an amp, it is an electronic device that is used to amplify the sound by increasing the magnitude of a signal, which is usually a time-varying voltage or current.

Question- Why does putting a phone in a cup make it louder?

Answer-  The principle behind the phenomenon is rather straightforward. When your phone is placed into a cup and made to produce some sound, the sound waves bounce around in the walls of the cup. This directs them to the upward direction and then outside, thus amplifying the sound to a level. However, it should be kept in mind that amplification achieved through this method is rather small.

Question- What material can amplify sound?

Answer-  That includes metals like aluminum or hard substances like diamond due to their properties of carrying sound waves.

Question- Are There Any Speakers That Amplify Sound Without Electricity?

Answer-  Yes, there is. Minimal bamboo speakers are the best alternative to normal speakers, as these devices manage to amplify the sound to impressive levels due to the properties of the bamboo itself. The interior is hollowed out, which works just as an acoustic cone would.

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