How Do You Make A Determination Of Quality When Buying A Used Drum Set?

How Do You Make A Determination Of Quality When Buying A Used Drum Set

Buying second-hand music equipment is not exactly rare. Buying second-hand musical instruments is even more common, especially for beginners or intermediate drummers. However, not all used instruments are of good quality. If you are not familiar with all the bells and whistles, it will be hard to determine the actual condition of the set. So today, we are going to discuss: how do you make a determination of quality when buying a used drum set?

How Do You Make A Determination Of A Quality When Buying A Used Drum Set?

Here are some different ways you can use to determine the quality of a used drum set

The Brand Name:

For armatures, the brand name is always important to look at. Every brand has a fixed life expectancy for its products; the same is valid with drum sets. Good quality drum sets for high-end brands will, of course, still be in good condition. For low-affordable brands, the quality can decrease after some use. Just ask the brand name and the instrument’s usage time, and calculate how many years are left for the drum set.

Physical Appearance:

In this case, the adage doesn’t judge a book by its condition does sit true. Sometimes, even a busted drum set will give you a lot before its final performance. However, some things can’t be hidden, and when buying something, physical appearance works in the determination of quality. Minor scratches can be forgiven, but busted mesh heads and drum surfaces can’t be.

Ask Proper Questions:

Asking the correct type of questions can help a lot. Ask the owner how long have they used the drum set? What genre of music are they into? Where was the set used; inside studio, stages, or outdoor performances? Questions like these can help you in figuring out how many years are left in a particular drum set.

Have A Trial Run:

Ask the owner to allow you to try out the drum set. Don’t abuse it, just get an overall feel of the set, even if you are into bashing. That thing should not be done with other’s sets. Play the drums; heads would probably need to be replaced. As for the cymbals, strike them with your thumb at a soft velocity; if it is broken, you will be able to hear a buzz of metal chaffing.

Is Hardware Functional?

Well, drum set hardware is expensive, so check if all of it is functional or not. Check the shell and hoops warping, bearing, and the edges too. Separate and reaffix the attachments to get a feel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you inspect used drums?

Ans: Carry out a visual check of the drums. This includes bearing edges, joins in the wood, etc.; if anything is sticking out, it is probably defective.

Q: Do drum kits hold their value?

Ans: Surprisingly, no. rarely any drum set would become a collector’s item. Most of them are vintage ones from the 1960s or earlier and have not been used. The drum sets never go up in regards to their value.

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