How Can You Tell A Good Quality Violin?

How Can You Tell A Good Quality Violin

When talking about high-end instruments, the violin is among the first ones to come to our minds. It is one of the most beautiful and meticulously crafted instruments in the world. However, because of this, it is expensive. Very, very expensive in comparison to other ones. Thus, it would make sense that you would be worried about its quality when buying it. After all, it is a lot of money going down the drain if you make the wrong choice. So today, we are going to give you a guide for the question: how can you tell a good quality violin?

How Can You Tell A Good Quality Violin?

Here are some ways you can determine the quality of a violin.


Of course, craftsmanship is the first thing that you need to check. For instance, the seams of the violin should be sealed elegantly with no rough edges or visible glue. Another thing is the finely carved scrolls. Purfling or the thin black lines outlining the top of the violin is inlaid instead of being painted.

To check the last one, take a magnifying glass, and observe carefully. Variation in grain wood means it is inlaid, but, if it looks the same as the grain, then it is painted on.


Ebony is the highest quality material that can be used in the construction of almost all components of a violin. Cheap, low-quality violins will have parts made of plastic, which obviously does no favors. Additionally, the four fine tuners are an addition made to lower-quality violins. High-quality violins would just make do with tuning pegs, as the tuners just weigh the instrument down.

Flame of the Wood:

Another way to check the quality of a violin is to look at its back. Grain variation and non-uniformity are a good indication that there is a high-quality material used to make the instrument. But if the back side looks uniform in terms of color, well, there is a glaring sign that it is a low-quality violin.

This flaming of the wood is one of the easily observable indicators of quality.


A label is always included inside the violin. Generic factory logos are not what you should be after, rather, look for the name of the violin maker or luthier. Also, a European country label is also an indication of a high-quality violin.

Playing The Instrument:

And finally, try to play the instrument. Here, it’s the richer, deep sounds you are searching for. But if you get nasal quality sounds, then the violin in your hand is obviously of low quality built.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a Good Violin cost?

That depends on your playing skill. See, for an intermediate, $1k to $3k is more than enough to get their hands on a good piece. But for professionals, the cost will always go above $3k.

What is the best violin brand?

Stradivarius is the undisputed leader of violin brands. But the problem is that Stradivarius violins have become extremely rare. The brand never continued past the original luthier, which led to its rarity. However, today, with modern technology, a lot of the brands’ features can be replicated at a more affordable price.

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