How Can You Move Ableton Files To The External Hard Drive?

how can you move Ableton files to the external hard drive.

Ableton Live is a large software that takes ample space in your storage. As such, many people find ways to free up their storage by moving Ableton-related files to the external hard drive. Previously, we explained in detail how to move Ableton libraries, Packs, and decoding cache. Today, we are going to discuss how to move other files. In short, this is how can you move Ableton files to the external hard drive.

Ableton Files:

Again, what files are you talking about? Plugins, VSTs, presets, samples, or Ableton racks/clips? In Ableton, there are a lot of tools and types of files, each one taking up a lot of space. Most can be moved with the same generic method, but some can only be done through specific methods.

But here are some things that you should keep in mind before moving the Ableton files to the external hard drive.

  • Plugins can be easily moved and just rescanned.
  • For any multisample tools, it’s better to keep them on your laptop than move them to the external hard drive. Doing so can create a lot of problems.
  • Presets can be moved easily. However, it would help if you were careful while doing so. Many people spend a lot of time repairing VSTs and reloading config. Files, etc. But all of this leads to eventually having multiple, duplicate preset folders. In other words, this is a process that will keep on repeating.
  • Ableton project files, resampling, and files from collect all / save can definitely be moved. The Ableton index should rescan it all without any fuss.
  • Ableton racks, clips, .adg files, .mdx max files, packs, all of these can be restored into dropbox. You can easily set up a link/shortcut to whichever folders you are on a Mac to access. Here is what you need to do:
    • Open terminal
    • cd ~/Music/Ableton
    • ln -s ~/Dropbox/myprojectsandsamples ./myprojectsandsamples
    • Exit
  • Before you start deleting, make sure to have some backup copies. Moreover, instead of cutting paste, do copies to save yourself from the pain of deleting important files.

How Can You Move Ableton Files To External Hard Drive:

This is a rather generic method rather than a specific method. You can use this method for most of the files, samples, and packs.

  • Plugin the external hard drive.
  • Use the ‘File > Save As’ trick.
  • This method does not require any hidden files and folders options.

For the entire set, you have to do a different method.

  • Plugin your external hard drive.
  • Create a folder in the USB or the external hard drive.
  • Via the File menu in Live, do “collect all and save.”
  • Make sure that you are doing “collect all and save” to that location of the new folder on USB.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you run Ableton off an external hard drive?

Ans: Yes, in fact, it is recommended. Also, before any project is saved on Ableton, the audio recordings are stored in a temporary folder. To configure Live so that this third drive could also be used for such temporary recordings, go to Live’s Preferences, and then go to the File/Folder tab, where you can do reconfiguration.

Q: How much storage does Ableton take?

Ans: Ableton takes 3GB of free disk space for basic installation of Into edition. However, if all included sounds are installed, it takes 6 GB of free disk space. For Standard and Suite, the size doubles.

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  • Samsung SSD T7 Portable External Solid State Drive 1TB

  • WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive HDD

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