Does Yamaha P125 Have Bluetooth

Does Yamaha P125 Have Bluetooth

For a while, one of the top digital pianos on the market was the Yamaha P115. The introduction of the Yamaha P125 was meant to alter this. It was advertised as a redesigned version of the P115, after all. Does yamaha p125 have bluetooth? Expecting a better piano than the P115, many people awaited the release of the P125. This wasn’t the case, though. While the P125 has several distinctive and attractive characteristics that the P115 does not have, many contend that most of the features are the same.

Not that there weren’t any advancements at all. You can immediately notice and feel quite a few benefits after using the P125. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of Yamaha’s customer base does not believe the hoopla is justified.This article seeks to go through all of the P125’s positive and negative features to help you decide if this is the piano you are looking for. Let’s get going!


Does yamaha p125 have bluetooth? The design of the P125 is one of the most crucial things you should consider before purchasing, depending on what you plan to use it for. No matter what level of pianist you are, you naturally want a stunning piano that looks stunning and feels fantastic.

Modern design is one way in which the P125 differs from the P115. It has simplistic design makes it stylish and ideal for any modern home. Most importantly, the P125 is in Yamaha’s P series and is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it ideal for traveling musicians.

 1.1 Aesthetics

The Yamaha P125 is undoubtedly nicely constructed, even though it is composed of plastic. You can be sure that this piano will last you for the following few years, knowing the type of brand that Yamaha is. Does yamaha p125 have bluetooth? The P125’s design is streamlined and slim so that it wouldn’t look out of place in a home with contemporary decor.

It is also a fantastic option for people who prefer to move their pianos around or live in smaller locations. It is wholly weighted with Yamaha’s patented Graded Hammer System (GHS), although it is still regarded as being relatively light. The matte finish of the console helps to keep fingerprints off of it. This design style is the best fit for me because one of my pet peeves is finding my fingerprints all over my instruments. If you’re anything like me, you’ll adore how the P125 is finished.

1.2 Feel & Sensitivity

Does yamaha p125 have bluetooth? Given its pricing, you cannot anticipate the P125 having the same feel as a high-end stage piano. The P125 is exceptionally high-quality, especially compared to other pianos in the same price range, while not having the same exquisite feel of an expensive piano. It can reproduce the experience of playing a concert grand piano quite closely.

Even the P125’s keys are designed to mimic accurate hammer movement. This is because the Graded Hammer System (GHS), frequently present in Yamaha keyboards priced under $1,000, does more than merely mimic the resistance of hammers under the keys. For the ideal resistance, Yamaha places small hammers behind the keys.

But that is not all. In addition to these characteristics, it’s critical to remember that these keys are graded. This indicates that when you press on lower notes, they resist more, and when you press on higher notes, they resist less. The device also includes four different settings for the dynamic touch function of their keyboards. Soft, Medium, Hard, and Fixed are your options.

Sound Performance

Does yamaha p125 have bluetooth? The most crucial feature of any piano or instrument is its sound. Of course, this is the main reason we purchase them, which is the focus of this article’s part.

Because Yamaha piano tones are warmer and more transparent than those from other manufacturers, many people favor them. So what precisely distinguishes Yamaha pianos from other brands? What makes the P125 similar, and what distinguishes them from them?

2.1 Speakers

We will first go over the P125 speakers. Given its price range, the two pairs of speakers it includes are an unexpected (if not welcome) feature. On the piano’s console are two full-range speakers, and two tweeters are situated at the bottom. The P125 produces music from the top and bottom of the piano when it is played, enveloping the performer and enhancing immersion.


The P125’s included accessories are the same ones you would typically find on an electric piano set. A music rest, power adapter, handbook, and footswitch are included. I won’t lie; the footswitch or pedal that comes with the P125 is pretty subpar. It has a cheap, unreplicable sensation, unlike a piano pedal. This is to be expected because Yamaha is attempting to reduce expenses to keep the price of their pianos low. Purchase a pedal of your own is my recommendation. There are many options available that are reasonably priced and substantially more authentic than the one included with the P125. Additionally, the P125 does not have a stand or a stool, so you need to budget a bit extra money to purchase one. I wouldn’t say you must acquire one, even with its Table EQ feature.


Let’s be sincere. One of the most important considerations when selecting a piano you will use frequently is price. We naturally desire a piano with many features that will last us for many years and one whose sound is as beautiful as an angel’s song. However, even after spending money on a new instrument, we still want to be able to buy other things.

You might be interested in some of the features of the Yamaha P125. But is its worth commensurate with its cost? You can decide for yourself if the P125 offers the best value for your money by comparing it to other pianos in its price range and with similar features in this area. Does yamaha p125 have bluetooth?


Does yamaha p125 have bluetooth? The Yamaha P125, based on the well-known Yamaha P115, is a fantastic keyboard for the money. It contains many functions often seen on keyboards that cost much more than the P125. Additionally, it has many options that make it flexible, such as the Table EQ setting, which enables users who don’t have a stand to immerse themselves in their game fully.

The Yamaha P125, however, is still remarkably similar to the P115, nearly to the point where there is no need for a new model. Many things we saw on the P125 were also observed on the P115. I had hoped for more exciting modifications, but the ones made seem a little underwhelming. Despite this, the P115 is a fantastic piano, making the P125 a fantastic competitor. Some elements have been enhanced, including adding new voices and features like the Smart Pianist App integration, all of which make a life for the contemporary pianist much simpler.

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