Do you Need a Midi Keyboard to Make Music?

Do you Need a Midi Keyboard to Make Music?

The creation of beats has become essential to electronic music. Beginner producers frequently have many questions because there are several different ways to do this. Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? The MIDI controllers seem to be the most popular topic right now, or more particularly, do you need a MIDI keyboard to produce music or make beats? There is more to it than that, but the short answer is no. I’ll attempt to address some of the myths around this subject in this article and, hopefully, provide you with some helpful advice to enhance your production and workflow.

How Does a MIDI Keyboard Work? What Is It?

Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? A MIDI keyboard controller is a tool that enables you to operate DAW software (digital audio workstation). On the outside, it may appear to be a typical keyboard, but the secret is that it is silent when used alone. In essence, the MIDI keyboard provides MIDI data that instructs your software what to play and at what level. The sound is then produced inside your software (velocity).

This is why it’s frequently referred to as a MIDI controller. Simply enough, you load a VST instance—say, let’s a piano VST—into your DAW and play it in real-time using a MIDI keyboard. You will essentially experience playing a real piano if you have software that has been skillfully sampled. Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? Most modern keyboards include touch-sensitive keys, so the program will respond appropriately if you play more forcefully. This enhances the expressiveness and authenticity of playing a virtual instrument.

An Inspirational MIDI Controller Experience

Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? Any source of inspiration is appreciated and helpful if you have little time to create music. Having a MIDI controller in your studio may be advantageous instead of a standard mouse and keyboard.

The latter feels less like an outlet for your creativity and more like a desk job. Even though they may seem insignificant, tiny things like these can significantly impact how you compose music or even whether you want to create anything at all. Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? Your composing sessions can be more magical and beautiful if you have a controller keyboard with cool lights and flashy knobs. Not everyone will be affected in the same way, but I believe it’s crucial to recognize attractive environments’ influence on our creativity.

It Can Give Your Songs More Groove

While having a rock-solid beat and using a lot of quantization are essential elements of the genre, any little “mistakes” that arise from you playing the sections rather than programming them can occasionally add to the song rather than detract from it. Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? When it comes to hi-hat grooves, this is highly accurate. The hi-hat pattern being fully quantized can occasionally sound a little stiff and unsuitable for the tune you’re working on. Additionally, performing portions rather than having them programmed will help you feel more involved with your tunes. Knowing you’ve played every instrument in a song might give you a stronger sense of accomplishment before your projects are finished.

It does seem a little strange, but if you appreciate a human touch in your computer music, you might want to give it some thought. It might facilitate auditions. Testing out several drum samples can be a critical step to getting your drums to sound exactly the way you want them to.

This is easy and convenient to perform using a MIDI keyboard.

The issue is that when we hear a sound alone and out of context, we can’t say with certainty whether it will function. Even though a snare may sound terrible on its own, it could be precisely what you need in the context of the groove and the song.

Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? You would lose a lot of time without a keyboard trying to determine if your sound palette was accurate. You must manually insert MIDI notes and press play to hear the sample in action. This tedious process can discourage you from continuing to work on tunes. You may work on your ideas as you go, which is another beautiful feature.


Does a midi keyboard make it simpler to create beats?

I would concur. A MIDI keyboard streamlines and, most crucially, allows for real-time performance throughout the process. That’s not to suggest you can’t generate beats effortlessly without one, but it is simpler to become used to one.

Can a computer keyboard be used in FL Studio as a midi controller?

Yes, FL Studio is a DAW that has this feature.

For music creation, which MIDI keyboard should I purchase?

Even the most fundamental MIDI features will get you going. This contains a CC controller slider and at least two octaves of keys. Velocity-sensitive keys are another option you might want to think about, though most modern machines already have that feature.


In the end, even though we discussed the benefits, you don’t need a MIDI keyboard to create beats. Do you need a midi keyboard to make music? I couldn’t function without one because they improve my workflow and allow me to be much more creative while coming up with ideas. A competent MIDI controller is reasonably affordable and, most of the time is one of the first pieces of studio equipment people purchase.

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