Do I Need a Sound Card for Music Production?

Do I need a sound card for music production? Nowadays, figuring out what technical gear you need for music production can take time and effort. When I started producing and making music, I wondered if I would require a soundcard. I started recording on a computer with a sound card but soon ran into some audio issues. You can use this article to determine whether you require a soundcard for music production and to get any other questions you may have answered.

Do I require a soundcard to produce music? No, a soundcard is not necessary for making music. It would help if you instead used an audio interface. PCI Since they don’t produce as accurate of a sound as an audio interface would and are more likely to experience latency issues, soundcards are not the best choice for making music.

Do I Need a Sound Card for Music Production?

Why Not Use a Soundcard Instead of an Audio Interface?

Everything depends on accuracy. An audio interface is precise when it comes to producing audio. Do I need a sound card for music production? A music producer must understand precisely what they hear in their purest form to create a good-sounding mix that sounds great through headphones, car stereos, etc.

Soundcards work for casual gaming audio or movie viewing, where you may not need a very accurate sound quality. Because soundcards aren’t powerful enough to output accurate audio representations when making music, you might adjust your mix excessively to make up for what you’re hearing.

Compared to a Soundcard, how Will an Audio Interface Affect My Computer?

In terms of how they interact with your computer, you might be wondering how much of a difference there is between an audio interface and a soundcard. If so, it is easy. Your computer will operate more smoothly with an audio interface than a sound card. Your computer won’t have to work as hard to process audio now that your soundcard is external, freeing up your CPU to power your DAW and various mixing plugins. Even though you’re using an audio interface, your computer still draws less power than it would if you were using a soundcard. Do I need a sound card for music production? When a soundcard tries to process more audio than it can, it frequently crashes, forcing you to restart your DAW or even your entire computer.

What Qualities Should I Consider When Purchasing an Audio Interface?

Your specific needs will have a significant impact on the audio interface that you end up purchasing. Do you need an interface to accurately hear how your mix sounds, or will you record vocals or instruments? How many microphones and instrument cables will you need? Will you record the vocalists and instruments separately or all at once? Do you plan to mix primarily on headphones, monitors, or a combination?

It is the same with outputs; some interfaces have many outputs while others have few. The recording process may be slowed down if you need more input. Look for an interface with enough inputs for your requirements and perhaps a few more just to be safe.Do I need a sound card for music production? Some audio interfaces only have XLR cable inputs, while others only have instrument cable inputs. Others possess both. Ensure you are familiar with the cables you will use for recording.

Which Good Audio Interfaces Should You Take Into Account?

Here are a few great brands and models to check out so you won’t have to spend hours looking for the right brand. Again, this depends on your needs and how much money you will spend. I recommend anything from Focusrite if you want to spend less money and need something that performs exceptionally well. They feature a variety of interface models with a wide range of inputs and outputs.

How Much Would Using a Soundcard Affect My Mixes?

What kind of soundcard you have determines how much it influences your audio (and ultimately the caliber of the music you create). Said, your mixes will sound poorer the lower the soundcard quality you have. Although some desktop soundcards are decent, an audio interface ultimately excels them all. Although an internal soundcard is not the best option for creating music, you can only get away with using an audio interface if you care about speed, processing power, latency, recording quality, or output audio quality.


Although a sound card and an audio interface perform similar tasks (converting from analog to digital and from digital to analog), they are very different and have different uses. You will need to invest in an audio interface to create high-caliber music, and it would be ideal if you could find one with good preamps, like those from Audient or the Apollo MKII series.

Do I need a sound card for music production? Sure, you could connect your guitar, bass, or microphone to the 3.5mm jacks of your sound card and record that way, but this is far from ideal and will yield less-than-optimal results. Hence, for music production, get an Audio Interface!

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