Can You Play Bluegrass On An A Style Mandolin?

Can You Play Blurgrass On An A Style Mandolin?

Mandolins come in many different styles, but this article will highlight some of the most popular bluegrass mandolins. Can you play bluegrass on an A style mandolin?This article will cover everything you need to know about these instruments, including the top six, their use, and how much they cost.You can count on us to guide you through the hard decision and educate you about the mandolins we think will help you find the perfect mandolin for you!


There are many styles and sizes of mandolins. Styles and sizes play an essential role. Mandolins play a limited role in bluegrass music. Therefore, you should know what a mandolin offers that adds value to your bluegrass band. Can you play bluegrass on an A style mandolin?There are many different types of mandolins; however, if you follow these tips, you can find the most suitable bluegrass mandolin.

  1. You should choose a mandolin with an F-5 style. A mandolin with this shape will produce a high-quality melody relevant to bluegrass music and its elegance and flat top.
  2. Strings should be tight on a bluegrass mandolin. Mandolin strings are responsible for the high notes that distinguish bluegrass music from other genres. The E and B strings should be included on your mandolin. The strings on all mandolins are not the same.
  3. Choose a bluegrass mandolin in a medium or small size. The mandolin can be played for long hours while standing up. Medium and small sizes produce high-quality notes as well. 
  4. Any other flat-back mandolin will do if you don’t want an F-45. A mandolin with a flat back is more comfortable than a mandolin with a bow.


Mandolins come in various types and designs, as we have seen earlier. A mandolin can only be used in bluegrass music if it is of a particular type. To be the most delicate mandolin for bluegrass music, it must have the following features:

  • Mandolins should have teardrop shapes. Its shape allows the mandolinist to hold it comfortably while standing upright. A flat or nearly flat back is therefore required for a mandolin.
  • Mandolins made of wood produce the best tones. The best way to play bluegrass music is with a wooden mandolin of good quality. 

Bluegrass Music Style Using a Mandolin

Mandolins are essential to bluegrass music. The mandolin complements the other instruments, such as the banjo, guitar, upright bass, and fiddle. Can you play bluegrass on an A style mandolin?A dobro can sometimes be incorporated into the band. Each of these instruments plays a role in bluegrass music. There are three roles played by the mandolin, however.

The roles are as follows:

  1. When it comes to rhythm, the mandolin produces the highest tones. By chunking, they create upbeats and offbeats. It was Bill Monroe who created the strong offbeat sound. 

While the mandolinist is busy, the banjo and fiddle may cause chunking.

  1. There are verses, choruses, and breaks in bluegrass music. Showy instrumentals characterize breaks. 

A mandolin’s unique melody makes bluegrass music stand out. Mandolinists can add value to instrumentals with their creativity and cording. Mandolins also play kickoffs and endings.

  1. The mandolin is a filler and backup instrument in bluegrass music. The band will use long-held tones as fills or backups. 

While the band members sang, the mandolin created melodies, countermelodies, and soft chopping.

What Makes a Bluegrass Mandolin Different from a Normal mandolin

The bluegrass mandolin is not so different from a standard mandolin. Bluegrass music requires a mandolin that has been customized to meet its unique demands. Can you play bluegrass on an A style mandolin? 

Bluegrass mandolins do not have bowed backs, as we mentioned earlier. It is OK to use a standard stringed instrument in other music styles. Additionally, bluegrass mandolin strings should be tight. Strings are responsible for chunking quickly.


Choosing the right mandolin for a particular sound and style of music can be challenging. However, we hope our guide will guide you in making this crucial choice. Can you play bluegrass on an A style mandolin?A wooden or laminated wood mandolin provides a warmer tone and bass tones to your music, while metal strings give a brighter tone.

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