Can A Pianist Play An Accordion?

can a pianist play an accordion

Accordions come in two different types; button and piano. Both have their own pros and cons, the former being the best choice for beginners. But for musicians who have trained to play piano, the piano accordion is a more suitable choice. But does that means that can a pianist play an accordion, no matter its type? Let’s find out!

Can A Pianist Play An Accordion?

If you are asking if a pianist can play the accordion, then yes, why won’t they be able to? What is stopping them? With sufficient enough training, they can achieve that. But it is hard, even the piano accordion.

Which Is Easier To Play Button Or Piano Accordion?

Of course, it is a button accordion, hands down. It is always recommended for beginners and learners to use the button accordion. This is because the button accordions have buttons much smaller than piano keys and usually have fewer keys for notes. On the other hand, Piano accordions have many keys, each key for a different note. Of course, it is much easier for pianists to start learning accordion-playing skills on the piano type, but that does not make it easy.

Why Is Piano Accordion?

The piano accordion comes with a keyboard similar to a piano on its right hand, as the name suggests. The piano keys provide the instrument with a soft touch, making it a preference for melody lovers. Additionally, these keys are not just minor; they are also able to move in the direction of the inward towards the bellows. This makes it easier for the player or performer to only use one hand to play the accordion while the other holds the instrument.

Can All Pianists Also Play The Accordion?

Actually, no. some of you might notice the contradiction between this question and the first one, but here’s the thing; accordions are hard to learn, no matter if you already play another instrument or are just an amateur. Even in the piano accordion, the keyboard is the same as a piano. But the problem here is that the player has to use their left hand to play the cord buttons. And those buttons are arranged according to tonic-dominant rules. This can leave the pianist in a predicament, as they use both of their hands to play the piano.

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Is Accordion Easy For Pianists?

No, it’s not. Yes, the piano accordion is easier for the pianist to use, but the instrument on its own still has a high difficulty level. To learn how to play the accordion, the player has to learn to press keys and buttons and control the bellows. In this regard, yes, the piano accordion is a bit easier for pianists, as they are already used to those keys. But again, that type also comes with its own challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the difference between a button accordion and a piano accordion?

Ans: Simple, actually. In a piano accordion, there are piano keys on the instrument’s right-hand (treble) side. On the other hand, the button accordion has buttons on the right-hand side.

Q: What is the best accordion for beginners?

Ans: (refer to the list of best accordions for beginners).