Best Virtual Sound Card in 2023

In the past, purchasing large speaker systems with five or seven satellites and attempting to position them around the room was the only way to achieve an immersive audio experience. With modern virtual Surround sound software, we can achieve the same 3D surround sound experience regardless of the caliber and quantity of speakers we own.

When it comes to virtual Surround sound software, the tools listed in this article are the top choices available. The software options here will give you a more customized surround sound experience, though some will focus specifically on games.

Guide for best virtual sound card

Free trial with a bonus

The fact that Boom 3D offers a trial may be among its most remarkable features. In this manner, you can determine whether it is precisely what you want before purchasing. However, there’s still more. You can try Boom 3D for 15 days if you download, install, and use it as is. But if you create a Boom 3D account and log in, you’ll get an additional 15 days. Depending on your usage patterns, you can choose between a 15 or 30-day trial period.

Easy to install

Deploying this tool on your PC is a breeze. Assuming you could download the installer program, run it, agree to the EULA, and you’re virtually finished. There are a few more times you must press “Next,” but that’s it, we assure you. There are no additional configuration requirements or needlessly tricky steps to follow. Even the installation’s destination path cannot be changed, nor can the creation of shortcuts be turned on or off.

a lot simpler to use

A brief tutorial you can skip will be presented as soon as Boom 3D is launched. You can now either log into your existing account or create a new one without logging into the app. You will forfeit your 15-day trial period if you choose not to log into a Boom 3D account, as was already mentioned.

The app’s main window is very straightforward. You can select from 5 usage modes by simply clicking the appropriate buttons: 3D Surround, Ambience, Fidelity, Night Mode, and Spatial. Additionally, you can directly change the volume of your speakers or headphones from the app.

Boom 3D includes an equalizer.

You can use this tool to adjust some sound settings using an equalizer manually. So, if you’re not entirely happy with how your computer manages to sound, click the Equalizer button in the screen’s main window.

Boom 3D will state something like “this preset has been calibrated to perfection” if it determines that no adjustment is required. You shouldn’t be discouraged, though, from changing its parameters. Use the “Change Presets” dropdown menu if you only need to make a quick preset change.

includes a music player

If you believe you have seen it all, you are mistaken. Boom 3D includes a complete audio player. So, in addition to improving your audio overall, you can also use this tool to listen to music.

The audio player brags that it can give your music “boom effects.” But shouldn’t Boom 3D’s effects be felt throughout the entire system? We believe Boom 3D should be used to play your favorite songs with additional “boom effects” on your regular music player.

Intuitive configuration section

Although this tool primarily consists of configuration, you can further alter its settings. You are selecting the Settings option from the newly opened menu after clicking the hamburger button. You’ll see that initially, only a little needs to be changed.

For instance, you can configure the program to launch automatically and even play a sound when the “boom audio level” is adjusted. Additionally, you can personalize a few hotkeys, making Boom 3D more user-friendly. Keep in mind that system-wide hotkeys cannot be overridden.

Boom 3D

One of the best options in this article is Boom 3D. This software can automatically calibrate itself depending on the type of sound card and audio system you use. You can easily customize the equalizer presets and 3D Surround Sound in the Boom audio engine to get your desired audio output.

Boom 3D’s 3D Surround Sound technology gives you a virtual surround sound experience that is both immersive and flexible. All surround sound channels’ levels of intensity can be changed. Additionally, you can scale the intensity of the 3D Surround Sound effect, change the bass level, and turn individual virtual surround sound speakers on and off. Boom 3D has an equalizer built-in with presets for vocals, music genres, and movies, but you can also dive in and make your own presets.

Razer Surround

With a cutting-edge 7.1 virtual surround sound engine, Razer Surround works with any stereo headphones to further immerse you in your listening experience. The surround sound algorithms that power Razer Surround was developed specifically for gaming with headphones and produce an accurate surround sound environment that enables positional sound calibration.

A lot of virtual surround sound programs take a one-size-fits-all stance. This indicates that they rely on algorithms built using statistical data. This strategy’s lone drawback is that everything is “average.” Your audio experience can only partially be tailored to your requirements and preferences. You can adjust the Sound to fit your ears with Razer Surround, which increases your sense of immersion in the game and even gives you an audio advantage over other players who don’t use similar technology. With the help of Razer Surround, you can take a series of quick listening tests to figure out how you naturally listen to your games.

SBX Pro Studio

A collection of audio enhancement tools called SBX Pro Studio was developed to maximize the audio quality of your gaming. This tool has very user-friendly controls and a seamless interface. You have complete control over the audio you want to use.

Modern high-end gaming systems place a lot of emphasis on the display, and for a good reason. The majority of gamers rely on multiple monitor setups, and they demand ultra-high-resolution graphics. However, a truly immersive audio experience is necessary for the whole gaming experience. A 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound speaker setup can provide this, completing your immersive gaming experience. Stereo headphones are not sufficient for this.

Equalizer APO

Some PC problems are challenging to resolve, particularly when missing or corrupted Windows files are involved. Your system may be partially damaged if you have problems correcting an error. Installing Restore, a program that will scan your computer and pinpoint the problem, is something we strongly advise.

One of the best equalizers for fine-tuning your audio experience, Equalizer APO excels (in comparison to other EQ programs) because it can be used with Room EQ Wizard, which makes it simple to interpret its filtered text file format. Once installed, Equalizer APO can be customized by accessing the configuration TXT file included in the installation folder on your Windows 10 computer. Equalizer APO can enhance and increase the surround sound quality of your video. Additionally, Equalizer APO allows you to change how it looks by adding the Peace GUI to your computer, making it even simpler to use and adding audio mixing options.


The 5.1 and 7.1 settings can now be expanded to incorporate many speakers that you can position throughout the room thanks to DolbyAtmos Atmos, developed in 2012. You can produce that incredible 3D sound effect in this manner. The idea of audio objects is one of Atmos’ most significant aspects. Sound was previously restricted to specific audio segments.

Sound designers no longer have to confine a sound to a channel because they may designate the source and destination of any sound using Dolby Atmos. As a result, you experience extraordinarily immersive audio that emanates from the space you are seated in. Sound is mixed using a channel-based method by Atmos. Consider this strategy as “layers of sound.” The “audio objects” are positioned with their unique parameters on top of that layer. This method has allowed this program to accommodate 128 audio channels, which is astounding.

Because of this technology’s versatility, using it at home with standard speakers or in a movie theatre will give you the same experience. Home Atmos systems can accommodate up to 34 speakers, and as few as seven speakers can play 128 audio objects.


How can I configure 3D speakers?

Select the 3D Surround option by clicking the arrow icon. You can switch between channels individually in the 3D settings section that is brought up by doing this. You may modify the bass and volume for your 3D surround system from there. Be aware that you will need a headset or headphones to enjoy the 3D surround effect fully.

What is Boom Media Player for?

As was already noted, Boom 3D includes a complete audio player. Drag and drop your preferred tracks on top of this component to use it. However, you must manually add tracks to the “Boom Playlist” if you want additional “Boom effects.”

Without opening the app, how do I modify the Boom Control?

Using hotkeys makes it simple to make quick tweaks to Boom 3D. As stated above, access the “Settings” tab, select your preferred hotkeys, and then begin using them as you, please.

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