Best PS5 USB Sound Card in 2023

It’s time to purchase a new best ps5 usb sound card now that you know your computer’s onboard soundcard is terrible. If you have a laptop, your only option is external USB sound cards. Furthermore, using an external or USB sound card with a PC is practical. You avoid all the internal interference and crosstalk by doing this. Now, each person purchases a sound card for a different reason. You might only require an additional 3.5mm port or a sound card to enhance the audio output of your gaming headphones. Here are some of the top USB sound cards for computers, for whatever reason.

Best PS5 USB Sound Card

The difference among sound cards, DAC, and amplifier

First and foremost, a sound card, DAC, and AMP are often used interchangeably. Let’s first address that. Though theoretically distinct, most sound cards come equipped with a DAC in practice. If you have enough money, you can purchase a sound card from Creative or Focusrite with a good DAC/AMP combo.

However, the mic port is the only feature that sets a sound card apart from a dedicated DAC. You can use your headphone and microphone with the same sound card because most sound cards have a mic input port. Generally speaking, DAC/AMPs lack a mic port, but some exceptions exist. Hence, purchase a sound card if you need to use a microphone and headphones. A DAC would be better if you only want one device to power your expensive headphones. Let’s get to the list after that.

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  1. UGreen USB Sound Card

UGreen USB Sound Card

The UGreen USB sound card is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an easy way to add an extra 3.5-mm connection. It offers a straightforward USB-to-3.5mm connector that doesn’t require the installation of any additional drivers. It simply functions out of the box. The best ps5 usb sound card is made entirely of metal and has a modern metallic appearance. It may readily access the USB port without obstructing any other auxiliary devices. The 3.5-mm jack is a TRRS port, to speak about port. The same 3.5-mm port accommodates the dedicated mic, inline mic, and audio out for headphones. The sound card is compatible with various operating systems, including macOS, Linux, Windows, PS4, and later, etc. To help eliminate hiss from the audio output, it also incorporates a noise isolation IC.

  1. Vention USB External Sound Card

Vention USB External Sound Card

Vention also offers an all-metallic USB sound card, similar to the UGreen USB Sound Card. The Vention sound card, in contrast to UGreen, offers two 3.5-mm ports—one for 3.5mm microphone input and the other for headphones. Regrettably, TRRS is not supported on the headphone jack of the Vention USB sound card. Therefore, if you use headphones with an inline microphone, this sound card will not support them. It is only appropriate for a dedicated microphone and headphones.

  1. USB-C Sound Card

USB-C Sound Card

CreationCable Sound Card is a universal USB-C sound card, much like Vention Sound Card. These days, only USB-C connections are included with Windows computers, particularly MacBooks. Hence, if you find yourself in such a situation, getting a USB-C soundcard is preferable to getting both a USB-C OTG and a USB soundcard. Vention USB soundcard ports are comparable to the ports. Neither of the 3.5-mm ports is a TRRS. Thus, you would need to use a special microphone and headphone set.

  1. TechRise USB Sound Card

TechRise USB Sound Card

Now, you should buy the TechRise USB sound card if you want a sound card with a few onboard controls and better audio quality. The TechRise USB sound card has three 3.5-mm connectors in the first place. It enables the simultaneous connection of two headphones and a microphone. Two 3.5-mm microphones can be connected to the black headphone connector because it is TRRS enabled. A TRRS cable or adaptor would be needed for the backup microphone.

The USB sound card also has a volume knob to adjust the sound on your headphones. Moreover, a few specialized mute buttons exist for the microphone and headphones. This sound card has integrated controls for ease and offers pretty high audio quality for the price; thus, I would choose it over generic sound cards.

  1. Creative Sound BlasterX G3

Creative Sound BlasterX G3

Beyond the inexpensive soundcards, the Creative Sound BlasterX G3 is available for approximately $50. The BlasterX G3 is a gaming-specific device that enables you to drive high-impedance gaming headphones. Specifically, the G3 offers an audio output/recording resolution of 24-bit 96.0 kHz and can power headphones up to 300. The G3 has three 3.5mm ports: an optical port, an audio-in port, and an audio-out port. There are a ton of onboard controls on the G3. You are provided with a few volume knobs to adjust the loudness of your microphone and headphones. You also have a switch to manage the level of the in-game chat and a separate switch to mute your microphone.

The G3 also has a little trick under its sleeve. The Footstep Enhancer goes by that name. Pressing the large round button on the sound card will change the EQ. The Sound Blaster Connect app from Creative lets you change the button’s action. You have the option to change your EQ settings. The G3 works with almost every game system, including the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, MacBooks, Windows, Android, and iPhone.


This concludes the list. The UGreen or TechRise best ps5 usb sound card would work nicely if you only need a sound card for an extra 3.5 mm port. I recommend purchasing a USB-C sound card like the Creative BlasterX G3 if you own a MacBook. The Creative BlasterX G5 or Scarlett 2i2 is an excellent option if you enjoy podcasting or game streaming.

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