Best Powered Speakers Under 500 Dollars in 2023

Powered pro audio speakers range from just under $100 to $1000 in price. The higher, pricier powered speakers are of course extremely powerful, and of the highest quality. Most powered speakers in the $1000 range can reach sound pressure levels above 132 (SPL) and have digital signal processing (DSP) built in right in. These two things are significant factors in deciding less than 500 dollars for the best powered speakers.

Other considerations are weight, speaker driver number and size, input choices, and Bluetooth capability.

Let’s take a closer look at the Electrovoice ZLX-12P, the JBL Eon 612, the Yamaha DBR-12, and the Polk Signature Elite ES60 to decide the which speakers are better powered for under $500!

Comparison Table

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Electrovoice ZLX-12P

In this comparison, the first speaker, the ZLX-12P, checks most of the boxes when it comes to a great budget-powered speaker. Electro-Voice is one of my favorite manufacturers of microphones. They have a great reputation and over the years, I have had outstanding experiences with their customer service. Those speakers use the 12′′ woofers and 1.5′′ titanium compression driver to push 1000 watts of peak power. This powered speaker also provides a DSP that is operated on the speaker ‘s rear by an LCD panel.
This provides instant configuration options, such as the use of the floor monitor, use of the front of the house or a high cut filter when used with a powered sub. The ZLX-12P weighs 36 lbs, not the lightest in the lineup but still very easy to carry and set up.

JBL Eon 612

The Eon 612 is JBL ‘s response to the Dollar Sub-500 speaker. It’s more than fifty dollars than the ZLX-12P, but it does provide Bluetooth streaming in its ability arsenal. We all know JBL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pro audio speakers. They’ve also earned inherent confidence from the masses in the quality of their products. The JBL Eon 612 also has an amplifier that provides a peak power of 1000 watts. It is fitted with a woofer of 12 “and a compression driver of 1′′. This speaker has a DSP for different specific uses, too. If you want to use the Eon 612 as a floor monitor, speaker in front of the room, or use it with a sub, just press the rear button as desired.
Although not as fancy or feature-rich as the ZLX-12P, it still provides added versatility in its DSP. The JBL Eon 612 is the lightest speaker in the series at 33 lbs and yet another indication it may be considered one of the better-driven speakers under $500.

Yamaha DBR-12

The Yamaha DBR-12 is the group’s loudest one, tossing SPL 131! Actually looking at the wattage specifications, I found that the low-end peak wattage was 400 watts relative to the low-end 300 watts used in the JBL Eon 612. For the other two speakers, the individual high and low end wattage is not available, which makes it impossible to determine if this is the cause of the increased sound pressure level. Perhaps the Nexo based enclosure architecture and DSP contributes to the speaker’s volume. Speaking of the DBR-12 DSP works in a manner similar to the JBL Eon 612. Use for the speaker as a floor control or house speaker front switches may be used.
There are also options for a separate powered sub with two different low pass filter points. As with the other speakers in this series, the DBR-12 has two channels that can be adjusted without a mixing board, as desired. This speaker ‘s weight is close to the ZLX-12p and Eon 612 and makes it easier to carry.


Polk Signature Elite ES60 

Polk’s ES60 floor-standing speaker is the flagship model in its Signature Elite line. You can fill your listening room with accurate, dynamic sound with crisp highs and thumping lows that bring movies and music to life. A stylish, décor-friendly design makes it an attractive addition to your home.

ES60 is built with high-quality materials for a natural, low-distortion sound. The enclosure houses a 1″ high-resolution Terylene dome tweeter for clear, detailed highs, and three highly efficient 6-1/2″ Dynamic Balance® woofers are made of lightweight yet durable mica-reinforced polypropylene. An anti-diffraction magnetic grille and non-resonant MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) construction minimize vibration-induced sound muddying and distortion. Power Port technology enhances bass response.

The Best Powered Speaker Full Detailed Comparison

I assume the Electrovoice ZLX-12p is the best-powered speaker under 500 dollars after testing the specifications of each of the speakers. The DSP is extremely useful based on my study, particularly when matching to subs powered by Electrovoice. In reality, I intend to buy the latest ELX200-12SP for use with a pair of ZLX-12p’s. The speakers’ weight is perfect for portability and you can’t beat it for the size. I ‘d picked the Turbosound iX12 if it was more manageable in weight.

When weight is not a concern you ‘re concerned about, this speaker could be considered because of its wireless Bluetooth features and it’s added low end (down to 42 Hz). I hope this strong review of speakers has helped you find the best-powered speakers under $500!

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