5 Best Piano Books for Kids in 2023

Best Piano Books for Kids

People are taking up new hobbies from home, and learning to play the piano is a popular choice.The piano is a fantastic instrument to learn if you or your child want to learn something new. Creating beautiful melodies is easy without experience, and there is no complicated tuning. The piano is also an excellent instrument for anyone who wants to master music theory or songwriting. Here we are talking about some best piano books for kids.There’s no need to invest a lot of money to learn how to play the piano; after all, you don’t even need a piano! When you learn to play scales, chords, and piano. You can immediately transfer them to a real piano from a keyboard.

How To Find The Best Piano Books for Kids

Find Piano Books That Are Interactive

It is imperative to find interactive piano books. Several good books for kids have fun and engaging pictures to keep them entertained. Although I understand that pictures aren’t necessary, the idea is to lock your child into lessons early and have them enjoy them.Look at the best piano books for kids as if you were a child when buying them. Find out what your child enjoys and what seems fun and exciting.

Supplement Songbooks With Lesson Books

In addition to entertaining songbooks, you will want to find lesson books that are fun and engaging but also contain technique drills. Your child will fill out many books. In these, they are usually given drills to get them used to reading music.Bringing your child or having them look online with you would be a good strategy. Check out the books you’re looking at, and see if they seem interested.

Why Lesson Books For Kids Are Important

In the beginning, lesson books are one of the most helpful things. Lesson books are less relevant once they know the fundamentals and how to read music. For your child’s musical journey, having a qualified teacher is essential once they learn the fundamentals.Your child will progress ideally through most lesson books. The more I progressed in a particular series as a child, the more I looked forward to it. I had an intelligent teacher who always encouraged me to finish lessons so I could move on.This made me feel accomplished when I was a kid. A student wants to feel like they are progressing and getting better. It is easy for them to lose focus and give up if they do not understand this.

 5 best piano books for kids

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Piano Method Young Beginners 1 

Piano Method Young Beginners 1 

Children will gain confidence and enjoy their musical journey with this beautifully illustrated interactive beginners guide.The book introduces hand positions, fingering techniques, and correct posture written by a professional children’s piano teacher. Following that, the course introduces some simple piano theories, such as how to read easy sheet music and how to recognize simple notes, time signatures, and rests.Children won’t be bored or overwhelmed by the information; it’s fun and engaging, focusing more on “doing” than reading. Your child will enjoy instant gratification and keep learning piano with this all-in-one beginner course packed with exercises to practice notes, scales, and popular songs.

Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 1

Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 1

Let’s Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 1 adapts a classic piano instruction method from the UK to meet the needs of modern, twenty-first-century kids everywhere.This comprehensive course makes it easy to take children from their first lesson as a complete beginner to Prep test level. Here we go! This method allows kids to play along while reading the notes and listening to the music simultaneously. Boost their confidence and keep loving their musical journey with aural, theory, and composition skills.With this all-in-one coursebook, you’ll learn well-known classics and more contemporary tunes that are enjoyable, easy, and rewarding to play. As an in-depth piano introduction, it can be used either way.

Piano Book for Kids 5 & Up – Beginner Level

Piano Book for Kids 5 & Up - Beginner Level

In this interactive course, children learn the basics of music theory and practical play through book and video lessons.Every section is presented in an upbeat format that keeps kids engaged. Colorful illustrations and fun characters fill the pages of this book. Moreover, the videos are game-like, making learning more fun and less like hard work.Various classics and contemporary tunes are included, all designed to make your child feel like a piano rock star, even if they are beginners. Amazing Grace, Yankee Doodle, Jingle Bells, House of the Rising Sun, This Little Light of Mine, and Home on the Range are among the songs.

John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course – Part 1

John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course - Part 1

Beautifully illustrated characters guide children through each lesson in this super colorful book.A combination of play-along exercises, writing exercises, and reading drills suits every learning style and keeps kids engaged. Also included are fun worksheets and read-aloud exercises to help them progress even faster. Parents and teachers can also use accompaniments for instruction even if they have no prior knowledge of music.Even though this book is geared toward kindergarten-aged children, it is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn the piano for the first time.

Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids Book

Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids Book

Using popular songs that every kid knows and loves, this step-by-step course helps children become competent pianists from complete beginners.Children begin by playing with keys with just one hand to keep things simple. They are then invited to add the thumb of the other hand, and eventually, both hands are involved. Songs are selected at the most basic level and gradually progress to more challenging arrangements.With Wamsted’s book, your child can visualize, hear, and comprehend the music as it plays through an online video and audio supplement. Kids can start with a slowed-down audio version and progress to a faster version as they gain confidence.


How does ‘Piano for Dummies compare to other piano books?

Piano for Dummies can help you learn some piano skills, even if it isn’t the most famous piano book for beginners. The book has a lot of information, but its style may not appeal to everyone. According to some users, the focus on topics like rhythm is not helpful to everyone at the beginning. 

How can I learn piano with the most effective app?

SimplyPiano, an app created by JoyTunes, is one of the leading piano learning apps on the market. The free version is available for you to try out. The app guides you through each lesson of learning how to play through audio and visual aids. The system listens to what you play, so you get immediate feedback. It’s like having a music teacher available at all times! 

Is there anything that makes a skilled pianist?

Practicing is essential to becoming a proficient pianist. Mastering techniques and getting comfortable with your learning skills is how you master them. It’s critical to get to the point where you’re entirely in control of how you play. As a result, every movement you make will be intentional. You’ll play specific notes louder or softer not by chance but by choice.


Picking out the best piano books for kids involves a lot of factors. The following are some of my favorite songs and lesson books. You can engage your kids in piano at a young age with any of these books.Let me know what you think of this list or if I should add a different book!

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