Best MPC for Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best MPC for Beginners

One of the best technologies created for musicians to effectively showcase their talent to the world is MPC for beginners. It is fascinating to see how technology has altered the world, and it is unfathomable how much it has affected the music business. The music industry has undergone a revolution as a result. You can create musical compositions in even greater form by using VSTs, plugins, and software.

The first MPC machine was developed in 1988, and since then, it has improved by adding a variety of extensions and plugins to produce better results. Most of the MPCs discussed in this article are ideal for beginners because they are beginner-friendly. However, only a few of the items on the list below will be of the most effective use to a more experienced composer. Let’s examine what MPCs are and which ones are the best available.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Best MPC For Beginners


You expect to get something of value in return for your money when you spend it on a particular product. Usage time is one of these expectations. Nobody wants to own a subpar MPC that breaks down rapidly after only a short use time. Building quality is one of the most crucial elements in determining a product’s durability.


Most MPCs have one of two setup types:

Standalone: This version is highly portable and appropriate for live performance. It is portable and may be used without a computer or laptop. Some contemporary standalone items also enable port integration. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about their integrity because they can function well in various settings.

Integrated: Producers of music who frequently operate in studios will be more likely to use integrated components. The key benefit of this type is the speedy editing of the track on your computer or laptop.


The fact that each best mpc for beginners makes a different sound is something that not everyone is aware of. First, let’s talk about sound quality. The fact is that not all goods can help you produce loud, clear sounds. The sounds generated by some low-quality devices can quickly fracture or become unstable at frequencies that are either too high or too low.

If the product you select is of good quality, consider your preferred sound style. Some will produce warm tones, some can support vintage results effectively, and some excel at producing gritty tones.


MPC’s prices range widely, which makes sense given a large number of products and varied qualities available to us. An MPC can cost you anything between $150 and $5,000. Additionally, certain high-end products can be purchased for $50,000 or more.

Comparison Table:

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Akai Professional LPD 8 MPC

Akai Professional LPD 8 MPC

It is a well-known MIDI controller with a small drum pad and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The Akai Professional LPD8 can be powered by USB or AA batteries. Additionally, it is made much more well-known by its great interoperability with iOS, Mac, Windows, and music-making software like iMPC Pro. It works well with the wireless keyboard controller for the Akai Professional LPK25. The LP8 has six buttons and eight knobs. It performs admirably in software and the traditional MPC modes, such as Full Level mode, Note Repeat, and NR Config.

Adding technologies like Bluetooth MIDI pad Controller improves the performance of LP8. Eight pressure- and velocity-sensitive MPC-type pads free you from wired connections, and you can make music without a computer desk.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Four programmable memory banks
  • The Full Level button guarantees loud, vibrant patterns.


  • Many audio applications were unable to support Bluetooth MIDI.

Akai Professional MPC Studio

Akai Professional MPC Studio

The Production package of this expert MPC studio software connects 128 track sequences. It is capable of real-time audio editing, recording, sampling, and stretching. 16 MPC pads with backlighting, MPC swing, note repeat, complete level controls, and touch-sensitive knobs are included.

The design features include an aluminum data dial and a black aluminum case. The availability of Q-Link control knobs with MPC Note Repeat, Full Level, and 16 Level appropriate for inspired workflow is one of this device’s standout qualities. You may build tracks using an LCD panel without looking at the computer. The MPC Studio Black from Akai Professional features genuine MPC pads, a recognizable workflow, and MPC software.


  • Enhanced knobs and a scroll wheel that support you while performing
  • Drum pads maintain the rhythmic flow of the drums.
  • incredibly light in weight
  • Over 7 GB of sounds are contained in the sound library.


  • The device may not be suitable for beginners.
  • It’s pricey to afford.

Akai Professional MPC X

AKAI Professional MPC X Standalone Drum Machine and Sampler

This gadget includes 2GB of RAM, a sizable SD card slot, 16 GB of internal storage, and 10 GB of pre-installed content. A powerThe professional kit consists of a power adapter, USB cable, software download card, quick start manual, and safety manual.

The operation of the MPC has undergone a radical change thanks to the multi-touch display. It functions nicely with Windows 8.1, Mac OS 10.10.5, and other operating systems. External drives can be used with ease in the two USB-A 3.0 ports. Sixteen susceptible RGB pads are available for the Akai MPC X. Additionally, the tablet has 16 internal gigabytes. It syncs with DAW flawlessly.


  • Q-Link GUI controls, 16
  • an eight-output modular system with a CV/Gate
  • quad-core 8 GHz processor
  • Power connectors for 2.5″ SATA SSDs or HDDs


  • There is no speakers built-in.
  • Outputting to computer files for editing is difficult.

Akai Professional MPD218

Akai Professional MPD218

It is made up of sizable illuminated pads with side knobs. USB can be used to power the gadget. Along with 46 places and 18 control knobs, this instrument also includes drum pads. Both Mac and Windows are compatible with the Akai Professional MPD218.

The gadget comes with a Software Suite that consists of Sonivox Big Bang cinematic percussion, Ableton Live Lite, and Big Bang universal drums. The top-notch features are integrated with MPC Beats Software. The device includes the production tools from the Akai Professional MPC Series. They contain 48 assignable pads. The layout is adorable and relatively straightforward.


  • The gadget includes three banks of pads.
  • We can readily access 46 pads and 18 control knobs using these three pad banks.
  • No drivers must be installed.
  • It contains a USB port for electricity.


  • This device has distracting noises that can continuously accompany the music’s playing.

Akai Professional MPC 1000 Drum Machine

Akai Professional MPC 1000 Drum Machine

A compact Mini keyboard and MIDI controller with ten drum kits, 128 sounds, and other features make up the drum machine. ProTools, Akai Pro MPC Beats, AIR Music Tech Hybrid 3, SONiVOX Wobble, and more programs are included in the software suite. There are 25 velocity-sensitive synthesizers in the action keys.

The drum machine also has a 1/8-inch headphone output and a built-in speaker. The unique MPC Beats Software includes the best features and production tools. Additionally useful for tactile control, modulation, and pitch control is the 4-way joystick.

A USB port on a computer can also be used. Note repeat and full-level functions are available on MIDI drum pads for the writing and production of music. The mini-audio output jack can connect headphones, an external speaker, an amplifier, or a mixer.


  • 10 powerful drum kits for producing beats
  • contains controls for the EQ, filter, reverb, and chorus.
  • Performance improvement


  • In standalone mode, built-in sounds are available.

Akai Professional MPK Mini

Akai MPK Mini (MPII)

It comprises a 25 velocity-sensitive USB MIDI keyboard controller keypad and octave up/down buttons. The virtual synthesizers are also simple for us to control. For MIDI control of pitch and modulation, a 4-way thumb stick is employed. Additionally, it includes an internal arpeggiator with programmable modes, resolution, and range. For this gadget, no drivers were necessary. It is also quite portable. Both the Mac and the PC have the Production software suite. It consists of SONiVOX Wobble, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, and AKAI Pro MPC Beats.

There are eight MPC drum pads, and they are all velocity-sensitive and illuminated. It can be used for DAW controls, sample triggering, drum programming, and more. The production tools and functionality of the MPC beat software are incredible. Plugin mixing can also be done with Q link knobs.


  • Keep pedal inputs going.
  • 8 lighted pads
  • Octave Up and Down buttons on the keyboard


  • The installation of drivers is rather time-consuming.


How Does Kanye Use MPC?

The MPC that Kanye West uses to create music intrigues many of his admirers. Of course, he has many different tools, but a few common ones are noteworthy. The audience in 2013 witnessed Kanye using the AKAI MPC on stage. Om’Mas Keith, another one of his producers, also utilized this tool at the time.

Can You Make Beats Without An MPC?

When you want to create a beat, an MPC is a good option and one you should think about. But if you’re wondering whether this gadget is absolutely necessary, the answer is no. Along with MPC, you may use a tonne of additional beat-making tools and programs, such as FL Studio, DAWs, and so forth.

Are Poducers Using MPC Today?

MPCs are still regarded as necessary equipment by many professional music producers. Once you master it, this tool can help you produce excellent music. MPCs are also excellent for live performances. The player’s skill level will impact the outcome’s quality more than the product itself.


You can choose whatever you desire after carefully examining the best mpc for beginners and their specifications. It’s crucial to pick the product with the best value and quality. One of the more affordable drum machines is the Akai Professional LPD8.

Exactly which option you choose depends on the kind of work you undertake. Specifications for the hip-hop units are different from those for other teams. Akai MPC is recommended if you desire a classic sound. Some of them require laborious installation. Such MPCs that take longer to operate should be avoided if you need a speedy setup.

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