Best Mandolin For the Price in 2023

Best Mandolin For the Price

Have you ever been to a bluegrass concert and been motivated to pick up the mandolin? Or perhaps you play the guitar and want to expand your repertoire with a new song? The mandolin has always been a great way to give your song that authentic feel, from Jack White to Bill Monroe. While many companies claim to have the best mandolins available, getting lost in a maze is very simple. We’re prepared to assist.

Perhaps you’re trying to find the best mandolin for the price that you can afford. Or a finely crafted instrument. There are countless mandolin configurations. This thorough guide lists the six top-rated mandolins that are currently available and includes a helpful buying guide to make your shopping simple. You can reduce your options by considering a few key factors. Some variables are type, back and top materials, the number of strings, and weight. Let’s get going.

Features to take into account before buying a mandolin

There are several different mandolins, including bowl-back, flat-back, A, F, flat-top, electric, 8-string, 4-string, 5-string, resonator, and more. There is a jungle all around. Your decision will be determined, among other things, by how you plan to utilize your instrument. We can help you cut through the clutter when selecting the best acoustic-electric mandolin or any other type. Style, top and back materials, the number of strings, the accessories, and the weight must all be considered. Here are some specifics.


The majority of acoustic mandolins sold in stores are either A-style or F-style. The A-style mandolin, like others on the list, including the Hola! Music Mandolin and the Ibanez has symmetrical teardrop-shaped body. On the other hand, the F-style has several points protruding from the body and an ornamental scroll on the upper bass side. A-style mandolins are frequently the best entry-level models available. F styles typically cost twice as much as an A style of the same builder’s quality. Therefore, choosing between the two comes down to aesthetics and cost.

Quantity of strings

Most mandolins contain four pairs of strings, for eight strings. Except for the Washburn Package Program M3EK F Mandolin Pack with six reviews, the majority of the reviews on our list fit into this category. You can still create lovely music with a mandolin, regardless of how many strings it has.


It would help if you also considered your instrument’s weight. You can’t ignore it because it tells you how big and how much the mandolin weighs. Heavier models could wear on your shoulders and be challenging to carry about. On the other hand, lighter models are simpler to handle and transport, especially if you want to take your mandolin on the road. If you plan to relocate or travel frequently, a lightweight model like the Hola! Music Mandolin is the best choice.

Accessories Carefully chosen mandolin accessories will improve your playing and assist in safeguarding your instrument. For instance, the Hola! Music Mandolin’s integrated strap pin, which enables you to attach a regular strap, is essential. As you play, dropping and breaking the instrument is less possible. Other optional extras to watch for include picks, tuners, cases, gig bags, additional strings, and a capo.

Comparison Table:

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Washburn Package Program M3EK F Mandolin Pack

Washburn Package Program M3EK F Mandolin Pack

The Washburn Package Program M3EK F Mandolin Pack is the following mandolin option. These six-string mandolins weigh 5 lbs, size 41 x 16 x 5, and have slender necks. It has a transducer pickup with volume controls positioned on the bridge. The longer scale provided by this will provide you with options. Both higher and lower tones can be heard clearly. Rosewood is used to make the fretboard, while spruce is used to make the soundboard.

While the bridge is constructed from Ebony, the back and sides are made of Maple wood. This mandolin offers a warm, clear, and bright tone. The mandolin gains a touch of refinement and class thanks to the gorgeous tobacco sunburst finish on the headstock inlay. This mandolin also includes a gig bag as a gift. This helps protect your mandolin from water and dust when storing it. Without worrying that you will harm it, you can carry it.

The Loar LM-310F-BRB Honey Creek Mandolin in F Style

The Loar LM-310F-BRB Honey Creek Mandolin in F Style

LM-310F-BRB by Loar The solid handcrafted Spruce top and handcrafted Maple sides and back of the Honey Creek Mandolin have a satin brown burst finish. The mandolin’s neck is made of maple and has a rounded “V” form. This slim “V” design, which has a variety of tones, will fit easily in your palm. This model weighs 4 pounds and has dimensions of 27.5 x 10 x 2. You may create a beautiful instrument with a fantastic tone by combining a natural F-style body with Grover tuners and D’Addario strings. No matter how hard you play, the Grover tuning machines ensure it stays in tune. You can move up into this price range if you’re starting and don’t want to start at the bottom of the quality scale.

Ibanez M510DVS Mandolin

Ibanez M510DVS Mandolin, Dark Violin Sunburst

The teardrop-shaped, eight-stringed guitar measures 27 x 3 x 10.5 inches and has an A-style construction. Its incredible lightweight of 2.5 pounds makes it simple to handle and transport. It is made of spruce and Mahogany, with the spruce on the top, sides, and back. The Ibanez mandolin is strong and sturdy thanks to these materials. This instrument has a stunning, sophisticated appearance thanks to its chrome hardware and dark violin sunburst finish.

The tuners hold the strings securely and provide a fantastic tone. The Ibanez mandolin has great tones and is simple to tune. This mandolin’s fingerboard and bridge are made of Rosewood, while the neck is made of Mahogany. This mandolin has an adjustable compensated bridge, which gives your instrument excellent intonation. This product is ideal if you’re looking for the best beginner mandolin.

Hola! Music HM-3TS A-Style Mandolin

Hola! Music A Style Mandolin

This A-style mandolin has a maple neck, top, back, and sides and a beautiful Sunburst finish. In addition to having stunning aesthetics, maple also makes an excellent tonewood. Additionally, it has a fingerboard made of walnut, a common wood used in many musical instruments, including guitars. When playing your mandolin, the adjustable adjusted Rosewood bridge provides you with excellent intonation. If appearances are important to you, you’ll appreciate the classic ABS binding surrounding the mandolin’s body, fingerboard, and headstock. Its look is made to look elegant and timeless.

A chic black ABS pickguard is also there to shield the woodwork from careless and passionate strumming. Hola kept mobility in mind as they created their A-Style mandolin. Given that it only weighs about 2 pounds, it is portable. This is the best choice if you’d like something portable to take while traveling. Its dimensions are small, up at 26 x 12 x 3 inches. Because of this, it is manageable and portable. Here is the mandolin for you if you don’t care much about sound quality and want to learn the fundamentals of playing the mandolin.

Eastman MD305

Eastman MD305

The eight-string Eastman MD305 mandolin is a fantastic alternative. The A-style body of this mandolin features F-holes for supple tones and outstanding projection. It is individually hand-built using conventional materials, including an adjustable ebony bridge, a solid spruce top, maple back and sides, and solid maple sides. The device weighs 4 pounds and measures 31 by 20 by 6.5 inches.

The mandolin’s gear tuning machine is chrome-plated and provides superb intonation with simple tuning. With the pearl dot inlay on the fingerboard, you may be confident of the best possible playing experience and exceptional fingering precision. This mandolin has a top-notch gig bag that will protect your instrument. Your mandolin won’t get damaged during transportation. You can keep it shielded from the weather.


We have three mandolins that we would love to recommend if you are thinking about any of the models in our evaluation. Mandolin Acoustic-Electric Mandolin by Vangoa is our editor’s pick. This mandolin is sturdy and has a small frame. Its movable truss rod keeps the mandolin in tune inside of its neck. It also includes a tonne of accessories. Eastman MD305 is our Premium Option. The chrome-plated gear tuning machine provides incredible intonation with simple tuning. You can finger with extreme accuracy while using a pearl dot inlay. Hola is the Best Value! The most cost-effective option on our list is Music Mandolin. It’s a great piece for beginners because it’s lightweight and portable. You might also want to check out the additional mandolin models and brands that have been reviewed below. Whatever you decide, be sure it suits your musical preferences and ambitions. We hope our buying advice will assist you in finding the best mandolin available. Happy plucking!

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