Best Mandolin Brands in 2023

Choosing the ideal mandolin is a difficult task. Identifying which brands and manufacturers best meet your requirements and price range can seem practically impossible, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran. We’ve compiled a list of the best mandolin brands to consider when making your initial purchase as a remedy for the mayhem. We took care to pick businesses that offer a variety of possibilities, from those that are approachable for beginners to those that are purely high-end. This post will give you a solid basis for building your adventure.

Best Mandolin Brands

From the Top Mandolin Brands, Choose the Best Mandolin

As a result, it’s essential to consider your needs when looking for a professional mandolin. Check to see if the mandolin has a beautiful tone and a stylish appearance. Be sure the mandolin you chose is the best fit for you. You must consider several factors, including the mandolin’s structure, style, and tuning. You also need to pay attention to the strings. The types of strings, the materials used to produce them, and the string gauges. Also, you must constantly keep your budget in mind. This article should assist you in locating the ideal mandolin for your requirements.

Advice on Choosing the Right Mandolin

There are several factors to take into account while purchasing a mandolin. Look at some of the areas you must concentrate on.

Mandolin design

When purchasing a mandolin, you must consider the variety of available styles. Your musical style must correspond to the mandolin’s style. Mandolins in the A-style, F-style, or bowl-back variations are available.

Building of Mandolins

You also need to pay attention to how the mandolin is made. Always choose a mandolin composed of high-quality materials; it is advised. A mandolin with high quality offers a great sound that will last longer. An excellent mandolin’s top, back, and sides are sturdy.


The mandolin tuning is the next issue that requires your attention. The typical mandolin has eight strings with four courses. The tuning of the two adjacent strings is identical. The mandolin gets its distinctive chiming tone from it. The standard tuning is G-D-A-E, the same as for violins.

Comparison Table:

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Rogue RM-100A Mandolin

You’ll need help finding anything that costs less than a Rogue mandolin, even though they might have a better tone. These are excellent options for beginners who are merely attempting to determine whether they will enjoy the instrument. The Rogue RM-100A easily costs between $100 and $100, and there is little to distinguish it from mandolins that cost two to three times as much.

Some of you might be put off by the laminated wood and fear that the sound will be subpar, but this isn’t the case. True, the Rogue’s sound cannot compare to the depth and clarity of a $1500 mandolin, but it is more than adequate for the price. Hence, this is a beautiful place to start if you have a tight budget. These instruments have few fancy features, but they do the job. The Rogue operates on par with comparable models if you string it up correctly and adjust the bridge. Be aware that these won’t be packaged with a case or any extras, like picks or tuners, so budget an additional $20 to $30 after making your purchase. We suggest spending money on larger gauge strings to give the mandolin a richer sound.


Ibanez M510BS A-Style Mandolin

Many of you may be familiar with the brand Ibanez. The business has progressively risen through the ranks of guitar producers over the past few decades and is now on par with Fender and Gibson. Ibanez is renowned for its guitars and amplifiers, but there is also a substantial mandolin collection. The Ibanez M510  is the company’s best-selling model. Even if new models and brands keep appearing and flooding the market, this mandolin has been around for a while and is still regarded as one of the top options for any musician.

The layout is straightforward but attractive. The mandolin’s top is spruce, and the sides and back are made of laminated mahogany. Even the most experienced players will be satisfied by the guitar’s warm and rich sound, made possible by using rosewood for the fingerboard. One of the better possibilities available, especially for young musicians, you can find them ready for just $170. The instrument’s strings are mediocre, to put it mildly, which is the only minor drawback. Unfortunately, this is such a minor problem that it hardly merits discussion. You can get new strings for as little as $15, and restringing is a simple and basic process.


Kentucky 8 String Mandolin, Right, Traditional Sunburst (KM-250)

One of the many brands held by Saga Musical Instruments is the Kentucky Mandolin Company. Saga has always held itself high, upholding classic designs and paying close attention to detail. They provide a wide variety of models, with mandolins starting at about $300 and going up to those that start in the four-digit area.

When beginning to research higher-quality mandolins, the Kentucky KM-140 is one of the most popular models. Its solid maple construction provides the instrument’s crisp, pure tone, which will only improve with time. For beginners, it’s a terrific place to start, but experts don’t need to look further. The sound isn’t awe-inspiring, but the build is flawless.

Gold Tone

Gold Tone

The Higher Hertz team at Higher Tone Music Group is a huge fan. The business was established in 1993 under the name Gold Tone Banjos, and it has since become one of the industry’s top innovators. Gold Tone produces fantastic instruments for musicians of all skill levels based on tried-and-true historical designs. Together with the mandolin, the business also invented various other innovative hybrid instruments, such as banjolas, banjitars, and even bouzouki mandolins. Gold Tone continues to be at the forefront of “alternative,” and interested musicians may be persuaded to check out the firm’s extensive selection of instruments.

Although many of their mandolins lean towards the more expensive end of the spectrum, the instruments are well worth the cost. Gold Tone offers a variety of fantastic-sounding and superb-playing instruments. Even though the Gold Tone GM-35 costs about $460, it is a very well-liked model. If you have a tight budget, there might be better options than this, but if you’re prepared to invest the money and are serious about playing, the pricing is unrivalled.

The Loar

The Loar LM-520-VS Performer F-Style Mandolin

Few modern manufacturers have managed to balance producing reasonably priced mandolins and remaining true to the instrument’s original design. The Loar is the best illustration among this select group of mandolin manufacturers. These mandolins are based on Lloyd Loar’s renowned designs, who is most known for creating the original Gibson F-5 mandolin. We advise the Loar LM-520-VS among their top models. Given that it is entirely hand-carved, it is an excellent choice for the price.

There are several advantages to owning a hand-carved instrument, but the two most important ones to remember are that it sounds beautiful and will continue to sound better as the wood ages. It’s vital to remember that the cost of most hand-carved instruments will be significantly higher if you’re worried about spending less than $600 on one of these. Mandolins typically cost more than $1500 and occasionally can approach $3000.

The Loar does, however, have a flaw: poor quality control. Although rare, some customers have complained about minor defects in the mandolins they purchase from The Loar. However, if you choose this path, it is best to keep an eye out because you might need to set aside a little bit of extra money to have everything set up correctly. Even though it’s not the worst, this isn’t the best either.


Although there are many things to consider when purchasing a mandolin, the best choice will ultimately depend on your needs and preferences. Purchase the instrument that will suit you the best, regardless of how it sounds, how it looks, or how much it costs. Please don’t get too caught up in deciding which of these businesses is superior because they are all worthwhile investigations. Finding the mandolin that is ideal for you is the only thing that matters.

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