Best Keyboard Piano Under 200 in 2023

Best Keyboard Piano Under 200

This post reviews our picks for the best piano keyboard for under 200. To help you choose the best fit, we consider their designs, build quality, sound quality, costs, and more. Even though a grand piano may be on your list of superb dreams, you may have a long way to go before buying one. In light of this, especially if you are still learning, you may want to hunt for the most budgeted piano keyboard that delivers nearly the same feel as the grand piano, but at a fraction of the price, between now and then. Additionally, it would help if you were cautious while making your decisions because some of the inexpensive piano keyboards available on the market are worthwhile investments. In contrast, others could be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

How to Choose the Best Keyboard Piano Under 200

Along with learning about these items, it’s crucial to understand how to pick the best one for you. Here are some recommendations and considerations to help you narrow down your options:

Size and Number of Keys

Choosing a piano always starts with determining how much space you have available. If you wish to transport it for performances or trips, I also take portability into account. There are pianos with 25 to 88 keys to give you an idea of how many are available (like an authentic piano). I advise you to choose a range of 44 to 88 keys, with 61 as the midpoint.

Action and Touch Sensitivity

You should ensure that your digital piano’s keys have the same weight as actual piano keys. It must have a weighted or semi-weighted hammer action and feel natural when you push any key.

Special Features

The extra features that make a keyboard beginner-friendly, such as song recorders, MIDI connectivity, lessons, and other “freebies” like a stand or stools to start practicing right away, are what I appreciate in keyboards. So, when you get the piano, you won’t have any trouble playing it.

Comparison Table:

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Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard

Casio SA76 Keyboard 

One of the most affordable piano keyboards on the market right now is the Casio SA-76, a 44-key mini-sized personal piano keyboard with five percussion pads. Its 44 keys and exceptional portability make it perfect for novices, senior citizens, and kids. You can choose from a small number of tones, including organ, piano, and melody, as well as on and off lesson functions. It has an amp output. This tiny keyboard could be the inexpensive piano keyboard you’ve been seeking because of its easy-to-read LCD, 100 sounds, 50 drum beats, five drum pads that can also be used as keys, and ten tunes to practice with.


  • Excellent piano keyboard for beginners, elders, and children.
  • excellent battery use
  • 2 octaves with complete functionality
  • Great appearance
  • Large enough for adults, the keys


  • There is a muted tone, so you can’t hear the entire range of the sound.
  • There is no included MIDI input, adaptor, or earplugs.
  • Not enduring

Casio CTK-3500

Casio CTK-3500

One of the most excellent 61-key piano keyboards under $200 is the Casio CTK-3500, which is also an excellent value because a respected brand produces it. Don’t believe us? This piano keyboard has all the functionality you require, as well as a variety of functions and sounds seen in high-end models. Although it only has 61 keys and a full-size piano keyboard, it is still large enough to play melodies with two hands.

It has touch-sensitive keys, allowing you to perform at various volumes and speeds. It’s an excellent choice for novice musicians and those who want to write on the fly. You’ll have a tonne of fun with it thanks to the 400 tones and 150 rhythms pre-loaded into the keyboard’s memory and the Dance Music Mode.


  • sixty-one touch-sensitive keys
  • 48 polyphonic voices and 50 dance music modes
  • sampling technique
  • USB and MIDI support
  • Integration of the Chordana app
  • It is light.


  • There are no weighted keys.
  • Bluetooth connection is absent.

Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha line of musical instruments has been available for many years. Yamaha continues to provide high-quality and reasonably priced products, evidenced by this compact keyboard with 61 keys. Despite the absence of hammer action, the keys on this keyboard have the best touch sensitivity, allowing you to play around with varied dynamics depending on how much pressure you put on the keys. This piano is a beautiful choice for anyone learning various playing methods because the keys are full-sized.

With its 100 pre-loaded songs and compatibility with Yamaha’s Education Suite, you can quickly learn how to play the piano on your own without the help of a teacher. If you already have a tutor, you might like the keyboard’s split learning/playing capability.


  • 140 styles and 400 voices
  • current recording mode
  • lesson function with nine steps
  • split or dual-mode function for learners
  • It has a portable design and is small.
  • It has an automatic power-off feature and an aux input line.


  • no power cord

RockJam RJ761 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

RockJam RJ761 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

The RockJam RJ761 is one of the most fabulous 61-key electronic piano keyboards you may attempt, even though RockJam may not be the most well-known piano keyboard manufacturer you’ve encountered. It has a wide range of valuable features, and because it has 61 keys, you can practice playing more quickly. It includes a variety of built-in sounds, including 200 tones, 200 rhythms, and 30 playable songs.

With its record/playback feature, you can capture what you are doing or working on to improve your playing style and skill. For a keyboard under $200, this one also includes a large selection of necessary accessories.


  • It is pretty flexible.
  • It has fantastic add-ons, including a stand, headphones, and a comfortable stool.
  • Excellent for newcomers and aspiring musicians
  • Three settings and effects that make it simple to incorporate different musical genres into your song
  • features for playback and recording
  • It’s simple to use.
  • keys with a lightweight
  • Affordable
  • worth the money


  • The app has a price.

Alesis Melody 61 MKII

Alesis Melody 61 MKII 

If you’re looking for a cheap keyboard with piano-style keys, this Alesis keyboard, which also has 61 keys, can be an excellent choice. You might enjoy this keyboard if you enjoy playing for your friends or jamming with other music enthusiasts.

This piano keyboard performs better because of its one-touch song mode, 300 built-in songs, and 300 built-in rhythms. This piano keyboard may also appeal to you because it is simple to put together, and anyone can play it thanks to the bench’s adjustable height and three settings. Additionally, as it includes headphones, you can easily monitor your progress and play without worrying about annoying anyone; you may practice or play well into the night without worrying about upsetting the calm.


  • adjustable adjustments for height
  • fantastic sound choices
  • Two months of unrestricted use of the TakeLessons app
  • Flexible
  • It offers outstanding value for the money because it includes all the necessary accessories.


  • The audio quality may be higher.


This list was specifically put together with varied keyboard sizes in mind. These are currently the best keyboard piano under 200 on the market. The Novation Launchkey 49 is an excellent choice if you want to go with a device with many features and integrates flawlessly with all the main DAWs. If this list was helpful to you, please let me know in the comments section.

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