Best Guitar Tuner in 2023

Best Guitar Tuner

No matter how incredible the guitar is or outrageous, the virtuoso will not rock if it is out of tune. This is where the humble clip-on best guitar tuner comes in. Check out our list of the best guitar tuners for a convenient and cost-effective solution. 

These tuners are incredibly easy to use. Tune your guitar string to pitch by attaching it to the guitar’s headstock, playing a note, and checking the reading. In addition to showing you 10 of the finest clip-on guitar tuners, this guide also explores the benefits of a clip-on tuner over alternatives such as a tuner pedal, rack-mounted unit, or – eek! A tuning fork and your ear are all you need.

Best Guitar Tuner: Buying Guide

To find the best guitar tuner  for you, you should start by asking yourself a few key questions. Let us walk through them:

Why do I need a clip-on guitar tuner?

Keeping your bandmates and audience sane is easy – you’re not a sadist! There’s nothing more unpleasant than an out-of-tune guitar or the sound of a guitar tuning up.By ear, we may have tuned to a tuning fork or reference pitch in the past, but this approach requires training the ear to be accurate. Moreover, your tuner can help you adjust your guitar’s intonation to keep it in tune and facilitate alternate tunings if you prefer.Tuners are essential tools for 99% of guitarists.

Are clip-on guitar tuners any good?

I think that’s a good question. It’s a no-brainer for acoustic guitar players. Onboard tuners are available on acoustic-electric guitars; otherwise, you should use a clip-on tuner.For electric guitar players, things are a little more complicated. It’s possible to stay in tune with a pedal tuner or a fancy rack-mounted unit like the Korg Pitchblack Pro, but let’s imagine your pedalboard is already crowded. An analogue delay pedal could be added if the tuner was removed. That could be made possible by the clip-on tuner.

In addition to pedalboard space, there are other advantages. With a clip-on guitar tuner, you don’t have to worry about another patch cable, there’s less cable to route through, and if you’ve got an intricated complicated signal chain, you won’t have to worry about high-end roll-off or other neurotic considerations that keep guitarists up all night.We’re not sniffing corks here, but the clip-on guitar tuner is portable, typically powered by a lithium-ion battery. It can be kept in a case or, sometimes, a pocket. Make sure you share it with your bandmates, especially ukulele players and bass guitarists. Everyone will be tuning to the same standard if they use the same tuner.

Here’s a word of caution if you own a vintage acoustic or a very high-end instrument with a delicate nitrocellulose lacquer finish: some manufacturers, such as Snark, recommend not using them. Although most clip-one should work with all finishes, it is imperative to check that your guitar’s finish is compatible before buying one.

Comparison Table:

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TC Electronic Polytune Clip

TC Electronic Polytune Clip

Polytune Clip proves that you don’t need a fancy floor unit to have a lot of features in a tuner. For players of all levels, it offers chromatic, strobe, and polyphonic modes that deliver remarkable performance.Suppose you want to tune your guitar perfectly. In that case, it offers 0.5 cents of accuracy in chromatic mode – and if you want to track something special, you can get 0.02 cents accuracy in strobe mode, which means it’s within one 5,000th of a semitone, which should satisfy most people.

Five years later, the PolyTune Clip’s polytunnel mode still impresses with its ability to display all six strings at once, making on-the-fly adjustments a snap. You’ll also get up to 18 hours of battery life and a bright screen.


  • Tuning modes: three types
  • The display is bright, the build is durable, and the design is excellent.
  • Tuner with excellent accuracy


  • If left on the guitar, it can damage the nitro finish

D’Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Universal Clip


D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Universal Clip

NS Micro Universal has a brand-new ratchet clip that allows it to fit discreetly on any headstock, front or rear. With its 360-degree swivel adjustment and extendable arm, you can position it while playing.It won’t tilt your headstock if you want to keep it on throughout your performance. Electric guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, banjos, etc., can all be tuned. To keep you on track, a tool aims to protect your data.With its compact size, you’d never even notice it’s there. Initially calibrated for A=440Hz, it can be easily adjusted between 410 and 480Hz, ideal for modern baroque music.


  • Value for money is excellent.
  • With a bright display, it’s small, lightweight, and discreet.
  • A bonus metronome is included!
  • Angles of view are plentiful.


  • You might lose it because it’s so tiny.
  • To record more accurately, you need something even better.

Korg AW-OTG Clip-On Tuner

Korg AW-OTG Clip-On Tuner

Regarding accuracy, the Korg AW-OTG’s strobe mode is within 0.1 cents of the Peterson tuner. With a bright OLED display and an adjustable clip to set the angle precisely as you like, it, too, has an excellent display. Despite not having sweetened tunings like the Peterson, it does have a chord finder feature. This makes it an exciting piece of kit for adventurous players seeking out novel chord voicings. One AAA battery provides up to 18 hours of continuous play, and 11 display types are available. An animated tuning display should encourage young players and those easily distracted (like us) to pay attention to tuning. It’s beneficial to be helpful; org wants you to know that.


  • The display with multiple tuning options is excellent.
  • Accuracy of a professional
  • It’s fun and informative to use the chord finder.


  • Basses aren’t his thing.
  • The polyphonic AW-OTG is a few dollars more

Boss TU-10 Clip-On Tuner

Boss TU-10 Clip-On Tuner

There is no doubt that the Boss TU-10 is a severe tuner. With a 1-cent accuracy, it is more than accurate enough for most players, and it is compact, lightweight, and pretty darn easy to use.Dropping and alternate tunings are relatively painless with flat tuning (assuming your guitar has a flat tuning setting).It works perfectly in low- and well-lit environments and can tune your bass, uke, or mandolin as needed. It’s typical Boss; well-designed, no fuss, player-friendly, and it’s very accurate and functional for the price.


  • To the nearest cent
  • Display with bright colours
  • Small enough to fit into gig-bag pockets and easy to use
  • The value is very reasonable.


  • One mode only


Is my tuner compatible with all types of guitars?

It depends on the type of tuner you choose. Accessories like these can be pretty versatile. A clip-on tuner, for instance, can be used on acoustic, classical, and electric guitars; compact tuners can also be used on all three types. Any model with a microphone will have this level of versatility. Tuners with jack connections should not be bought unless your instrument has one. A guitar that is electric or electro-acoustic is required. A jack plug is also required for tuner pedals.

Is a metronome included with all guitar tuners?

You can use a metronome to determine the tempo with the help of sound and visual motion. Any musician – beginner or a professional – will benefit from this handy tool. Not all guitar tuners come with a metronome function. Pay attention to this when reading product descriptions if you’re interested.

Can my guitar tuner tune other instruments?

Tuners can be used to tune other instruments as well. For example, most will work with basses. Some models can do much more and are compatible with various instruments, such as strings, winds, and brass.


With dedicated hardware tuners, new players are increasingly using microphone-based apps. These are useful for best guitar tuner  an acoustic in a hurry but not for practising or performing. Microphones often cannot get accurate input due to background noise and ergonomics. A ‘always on’ option on the floor is much more reliable when needed. 

Despite having to strike the strings pretty hard, the PolyTune app worked consistently in our tests against the Korg chromatic tuner and TC Electronic’s PolyTune app. It has a pretty user-friendly interface as well. You could use Google Tuner as a backup if you forgot your hardware tuner or ran out of batteries, but we always recommend owning a dedicated tuner.

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