Best Computer Keyboard for Music Production in 2023

Best Computer Keyboard for Music Production

Are you a home studio owner? Is a keyboard necessary for music production? You’re not alone. This is the right place for you. Many beginners and newbies are looking for the best computer keyboard for music production to help them create great music.

All music producers and artists need the best computer keyboard for music production and controllers to uncover their authentic sound. Many music producers don’t produce professional music because of the challenges they face when making music. Producers who use low-quality recording equipment may use an old keyboard that produces wack sounds.

How To Choose a Good MIDI Keyboard For Music Production

It is important to remember that not all best computer keyboards for music production and controllers are the same. Even though MIDI keyboards have only a few keys, some argue they are expensive. They are MIDI keyboards that are incredibly cheap and affordable, just like real grand pianos. With your DAW software, you can load up any sound you want. MIDI controllers and keyboards can also be used in recording studios or live performances.


The type of keyboard you get depends on your budget. A top-of-the-line best computer keyboard for music production can cost more than a thousand dollars and around 300 to 500 dollars. Music production keyboards typically cost between $100 and $500. It is possible to find a keyboard that suits your needs if your budget is enough,


The best computer keyboard for music production are playable. It is generally pleasant to play on expensive keyboards. Upon pressing a key, the response is similar to that of a piano. In the process of producing music, feel is an invaluable element. When played, a quality keyboard has a piano feel that cannot be found in a cheap-quality squeaky keyboard.

Number of Keys

Furthermore, the number of keys should be considered. A MIDI keyboard has fewer keys than a grand piano. It is common to find the best computer keyboard for music production with 25 keys, 49 keys, 61 keys, and 88 keys. If you have more keys, you have to play more octaves simultaneously without jumping an octave awkwardly. The more keys, the better, but if you’re a beginner, don’t get overwhelmed by the number. Use a keyboard with a few keys to begin.

Key Weighting

There is a feature on most best computer keyboards for music production known as ‘synth weighting’, which simulates the exact feel of most analog synthesizers. A full-scale piano key feels similar to a real grand piano and has a lot of resistance. The fully-weighted piano is better for traditional pianists. Do what works for you if you’re used to it.


Some producers don’t stay in a music studio for too long. Tours and show gigs are always on the agenda for them, as well as making music in musicians’ hotel rooms, home studios, and recording studios of other producers. As far as MIDI keyboards are concerned, portability is an imperative factor to consider. Buying a 61-key best computer keyboard for music production to carry around in a backpack does not make sense if you travel a lot. A hotel room or a space with limited space can also be challenging to set up. Portable and lightweight MIDI keyboards are easy to set up and are portable and lightweight.


The best computer keyboard for music production provide more features than other keyboards besides playing piano keys. In addition to playing keys, what other features do you want from your MIDI keyboard controller?

Knobs, touchpads, and sliders are the most common features on MIDI keyboards. In your DAW software, you can automate all of these functions, so you can place knobs and sliders at different parameters and adjust them whenever needed.


The best computer keyboard for music production controllers must be compatible with various devices and software packages. I heard about a powerful beats-making software in a group of like-minded music producers, but it’s only available for Mac users. I’m so sorry to hear that!

The best computer keyboard for music production  with driver installation requirements or designed for specific programs are rare in 2023. As it stands now, we have a class-compliant device that plugs in and works. That being said, you should make sure the board you intend to buy is compatible before you purchase it.

Comparison Table:

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Akai Professional MPK Mini MK3

Akai Professional MPK Mini MK3

The MPK Mini MKIII is the best-selling MIDI keyboard for music production. With the 25 velocity-sensitive keys on this keyboard, you can create melodic hit songs and club bangers. There is also a multi-directional joystick for controlling pitch and modulation.

Music producers will find this MIDI keyboard to be of high quality; it offers all the necessary features and functionalities. You get 8 different drum pads, octave control, and a USB connection for your favourite DAW. Despite its small size and compact design, it makes a great travel companion for making music.

  • Backlight that can be dimmed
  • When not in use, the backlight dims automatically
  • The keyboard is more expensive than most shortcut keyboards.

 Yamaha MX88

 Yamaha MX88

Yamaha MX88 is one of the best keyboards for producing music. Apart from music production, it can also be used at home, in the studio, on tour, and during live performances. Music producers and artists will find it an excellent tool.

This keyboard has a pleasant piano feel, thanks to its excellent design. Its acoustic piano look and lightweight design make it feel like an acoustic piano. The Yamaha MX88 is built with heavier low and lighter high keys.  In addition to producing any genre or type of music can also be used as a grand piano at concerts, tours, and shows. An impressive set of keyboard voices and Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action deliver a more reliable and percussive Clav sound.

  • Designed specifically for Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools custom key commands with text and icons
  • Aluminium case with a lightweight and durability
  • Because it is not wireless, it is more expensive than most keyboards
  • You may need a longer cord since the cord length is just three meters
  • Other DAWs may be challenging to use

Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller

Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller

I think Arturia keyboards are underrated because they do not receive the attention they deserve. With this 25-note MIDI controller keyboard from Arturia, you can create incredible music without any hassles. Ableton Live, UVI Grand Piano, and Analog Lab Lite are integrated.

The keyboard allows you to control every music tone with your fingertips. It is easy to control keys, pitch, pad, knobs, and modulation. Whenever you play, you will experience an unbeatable feel that ensures stellar production. The keyboard is equipped with two banks and eight high-quality velocities, as well as pressure-sensitive pads with RGB backlit pads neatly positioned above the keyboard. With the RGB backlighting, you can make great music in any situation. You can modulate any music with its 16 rotary encoders.

  • Utilize a macOS chip dedicated to macOS
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now built-in, no more keyboard mapping
  • Integrated with ProTools
  • Ports for two USB devices
  • Connected via USB

Akai MPK Mini (MPII)


Akai MPK Mini (MPII)

Among Akai’s best-selling products are its keyboard controllers. Music can be produced most effectively with the Akai MPK Mini keyboard. This pedal has a class-compliant USB MIDI performance output, DAW integration with the included software, and 32 assignable controls: 8 buttons, 8 knobs, and 2 faders. Additionally, the compact design and top-notch build quality will suit any studio. Its small size makes it convenient for producers to travel and take it wherever they want.

There are dedicated buttons for Octave Up and Down, Full Level, and Note Repeat. There are 25 compact keys, and 8 velocity-sensitive drum pads included. It is also USB-compatible and can be paired with various iOS devices. If you are looking for your first keyboard for producing music, I highly recommend this compact keyboard controller.

  • A fully backlit display
  • Integration of ProTools and macOS
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • There are no USB ports or hubs
  • The body is made of plastic

Akai MPK261

Akai MPK261

Akai MPK261 is a premium keyboard that improves your musical ability. The keyboard has 61 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys for a smooth and natural feel. Whether you’re performing live or recording, you’ll enjoy this keyboard’s premium design and performance. It creates stunning music by featuring 16 RGB illuminated MPC-style pads and 4 banks of 64 pads. This functionality can easily create samples, melodies, loops, and much more. Music production software packages are compatible with all types of laptops and computers.

  • Compatible with Pro Tools and Cubase
  • There are two USB 2.0 ports for peripherals
  • For those used to mechanical keyboards, the keys might feel too squishy.

M-Audio Oxygen 25

M-Audio Oxygen 25

The M-Audio Oxygen 25MK4 keyboard is an ultra-functional keyboard with incredible sound. You can play chords and create melodies with excellent precision using its 25 full-size velocity-sensitive keys.

You will enjoy superb sound quality with the onboard pitch bend and modulation wheels. There are 8 velocity-sensitive pads at the top right-hand corner, which make it easy to launch clips from Ableton Live. As well as controlling your sound, it also modulates virtual instruments with 8 tactile knobs. It also features an assignable fader for more precise mixing control. A high-quality MIDI keyboard should be ultra-compact and slick. We recommend it because it has a down-increase keyboard for full melodic range. A USB-powered, plug-and-play device provides connectivity to USB-MIDI.

  • Keys with backlighting
  • Keyboard with numerical values
  • There is no wireless version
  • Desk space may be limited


In conclusion, we’ve compiled our favourite keyboards for music production in terms of quality and options. All of our picks are compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, regardless of whether you use a desktop or a laptop. Look at the best computer keyboard for music production  reviews to find out which is best for you.

Making music on your computer can be challenging if you don’t know which keyboard to buy. The good news is that there is one that stands out from the rest.

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