Best Budget Dynamic Microphone: The SM58 And It’s Clones

Best Budget Dynamic Microphone

I have become a singer from the age of eight. In my career, I performed before thousands of faces and used many different microphones. I’m also asked, “What’s the right creative singing microphone for the budget? ”. Budget is primarily a concern. The planned $200.00 microphone for one person is the expensive $200.00 microphone for another person. This just depends on how much disposable revenue a creative microphone needs to blow away! For the sake of this article, I’ll find the best budget dynamic microphone on any competitive microphone below $100.00.

Also, we’ll be comparing dynamic mics for those of you who don’t know the difference between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone. In live stage scenarios, dynamic microphones do not require phantom power and are most prevalent. Now that the ground rules have been set, let‘s look at some of my favorite “budget” microphones and find the best dynamic budget microphone to help you achieve great vocals on a budget!

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Ultimate Review Of Best Budget Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 is my favorite dynamic microphone of all time. Currently, I do use the very first SM58 I bought myself at the tender age of seventeen. If you are hunting for a sale, you can pick up one of these babies just about anywhere for $100 or maybe a little cheaper. My SM58 sounds almost as amazing as it had sounded 32 years before. It really still looks pretty good too (thanks to the new basket I picked up a couple of years back on Amazon!).

The Shure SM58 also happens to be the industry standard for sound engineers and musicians everywhere, working horse dynamic vocal microphones of choice. Until now, mine has never let me down. It has a cardioid pick-up pattern, a natural tone, excellent rejection of feedback, ample power, and just plain works as it should. If you have about a hundred bucks to spend on a “budget” microphone, the Shure SM58 can’t go wrong.

Shure SM48-LC

In my search for the best budget microphone is the Shure SM48-LC. Essentially, the SM48 is a Shure-made SM58 clone! Looking at the specifications and images, it’s easy to see that in looking closer to the SM58 than in output, this dynamic mic. Frequency response is the biggest difference. This will affect the overall microphone-generated sound. Most people admit after reading numerous reviews that it’s not as good as the SM58 but close to it. Many do say it can carry on stage its own and sounds very close to the industry standard SM58. Not sure if that’s enough for you but I’m going to have to pass it on.

Behringer XM8500

Now there’s still an outstanding alternative open for all of us who consider up to $100.00 too expensive for a budget mic. One of my favorite clones on the SM58 is the Behringer XM8500. I bought two of those microphones about six years ago and over the years they have done very well. I used them primarily to back vocals and karaoke. I think the XM8500 gives a comparable job to the Shure SM58. In this comparison, at around 20 percent of the price of the first two mics, it definitely performs much better than the price would indicate. A cardioid pattern, nice tone and good rejection of feedback make this an excellent cheap microphone to sing music of any type. I will not hesitate to purchase another two or more of these.

Sennheiser E835

The Sennheiser E835 is the very first dynamic microphone in the lineup. I used this dynamic vocal microphone in the past, with great success. Sennheiser is better known for pricier microphones but for this comparison, this one works well and is priced near to the top of the range. As a former “lead” singer I enjoyed the extra boost that seemed to give my voice to this dynamic device. I felt it was better than the SM58, and liked it for a bit. This mic can accommodate high SPLs, so don’t think about shouting into it (if it’s your thing!). It has an internal shock mount that provides extra silent handling.
This could be the best dynamic budget microphone for a high-energy rock n’roll lead vocalist!

Neumann-BCM 705-Dynamic Studio Microphone

Have you wondered what a Neumann microphone could do for your electric guitar, bass, or kick drum sound in recordings but were concerned about putting an expensive condenser mic in front of your amp? The BCM 705, Neumann’s first dynamic microphone in 75 years at the top of the recording world, was developed for the first time in their 75-year history. BCM 705 is considerably more affordable than the BCM 104 condenser version and does away with the enormous cost pressure of equipping a studio with multiple microphones.

In spite of the fact that Neumann isn’t necessarily known for their dynamic microphones, they do exist. In terms of broadcast microphones, the BCM 705 is a higher-end dynamic microphone. Because of its design, it is less versatile and more application-specific than the other broadcast mics listed here. Still, if you are a podcaster or live streamer looking for the best, this is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market.

Telefunken M82

Another excellent kick drum and vocal mic are the Telefunken M82, another great choice. The EQ switch on this unit allows you to boost low and high frequencies depending on what kind of recording you want.
In my opinion, Telefunken makes some of the best microphones around, and this little guy is no exception.
It has a great sound, and I love the way it sounds.


After reviewing my options, I have to conclude that the Behringer XM8500 is the perfect competitive budget microphone for singing since it really holds its own with the Shure SM58 likes. It certainly is a hard bargain to beat at $19.99. Many people have believed this clone is a killer of SM58. I don’t think the SM58 can ever be defeated, but the XM8500 clone is sure to put up an excellent fight! I hope you can now choose the best dynamic microphone budget to suit your needs!

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