Best 6 String Bass Under 1000 in 2023

Best String Bass Under 1000

I will need you to sit down because what I’m about to give you is heavy and won’t be comfortable to play with for a long time unless you’ve been lifting weights a lot lately. The existence of the best 6 string bass under 1000 and the fact that it is far more challenging to play than the five-string or four-string bass may shock some.

The intricacies of playing bass make it significantly more complex than the non-bass electric guitar, whether it has 6 or 7 strings. Only the bravest and most talented will attempt to play the 6-string bass guitar and succeed in doing so due to its big strings, powerful sound, incredibly wide fretboard, and heavy frame. But this is merely to serve as a fair warning, not to discourage you. I’d want to introduce you to someone who may end up being the love of your life now that you are aware that you will be struggling with a severe issue that will weigh you down on both a physical and spiritual level.

Buying Guide for the Best 6-String Bass Under 1000

Examining particular guitar parts is necessary to get the best 6-string bass for under 1000. The scrap button, input jack, bridge, volume control, pickup guard, pickup, stings, double cutaway, twelfth fret marker, frets, neck, machine heads, tuning keys, and headstock are all components of a bass guitar. Each contributes significantly to the outcome. However, some components contribute more to the overall game. Consider the following factors while selecting the best six-string bass under $1,000:


The neck of a bass guitar resembles that of other guitars. Different neck shapes exist, including asymmetrical, round, flat, and oval. Additionally, these guitar necks can be bolt-in, set, or thru-body. The “greatest” guitar neck does not exist. This is considered about the body, though.

Body type

The body type is made of wood. A solid body is made of mahogany, alder, or maple. These kinds of timber provide pleasing vibrations. The wood is sufficiently dense to allow sound to reverberate. Conversely, Hollowbody basses resemble solid-body guitars in design. They work better with more subdued music, though. Acoustic music is an illustration of “silent” music. A hollow body is lighter than a solid body. Also, it generates additional feedback. Due to this little drawback, volume is constrained.

  • Body types are built of several sorts of wood. Each has benefits and drawbacks of its own.
  • The most popular, giving a rich and solid sound, is alder.
  • Agathis: a well-balanced audio track with a focus on low-mid tones
  • Maple maintains a full, lively sound that suits a closed space.
  • Basswood: creates a warm tone that complements fast music and swift movements.


The most hazardous aspect of a tuning key is rust. This makes turning challenging and uncomfortable. Rust might even spread to strings. The best thing to do is to look for an enclosed machine head. There is no rust risk with this. In open-tuning machines, rust is more likely to form. Make sure it is anti-rust if you must get one that is exposed. To find out if there is replacement coverage, check the warranty or customer service.


The distance between the nut and the body’s end is known as the scale. Long or short scales are both possible. For young players and beginners, the shorter ones, around 30″, work best. The longer ones, about 35″, however, have more frets. Players now have more sound options, thanks to this. The amount of sloppiness decreases with length. Performers and professional athletes are the most acceptable candidates. Long-scale length is a feature of the best six-string bass under $1,000. The most typical scale length is 34 inches, on average.


The most excellent six-string bass would produce a longer sustain and “whining” tone under $1,000. Typically, this is a fingerboard that has been coated. A fingerboard with a coating emits a rich, full sound. This meets most bass guitar needs. The frets are another factor to consider when choosing a fingerboard. There are more options the more frets there are. The number of frets on a bassist’s guitar ranges from 21 to 24. Decide for yourself how many frets to use. Before selecting the most excellent six-string bass under $1,000, one must go on a mental voyage.

String material

A coated bass string is the ideal string. This withstands plucking and popping while being played. A bass guitar can resist all those methods. String toughness is essential. In the meantime, a bass guitar’s strings should be free of corrosion and rust. They ought to vibrate continuously as well. Over time, lines often lose vibration. The most reliable method of safeguarding your tones is a coated bass string. The string gauge instead provides the roundness and warmth of the style.

Number of strings

More strings make music noisier. Beginners frequently believe that “creating sounds” is the most complex skill to master. It prevents the lines from being heard. Greater control is needed when there are more strings. For novices, guitars with far-off strings are better. Less power and tact are required. Lines on 4-string bass guitars are spaced widely apart. Beginners should use this. For pros, the 6-string bass guitar works well. It can be used just like a typical guitar. But the guitar can also be used on its own to produce a bass sound. The 6-string is hence more adaptable. Scale affects the length of the string. Longer strings are undoubtedly required for longer scales. Understanding the string’s composition is also crucial. Nickel or stainless steel could be used to make the string. Additionally, it needs to be cleaned occasionally.

Comparison Table:

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Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 Electric Bass

Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 Electric Bass

Schecter has a penchant for creating guitars and bass guitars that effortlessly win my favor. I’m unsure if it’s because the style is lovely or the music sounds fantastic. The Stiletto Bass Series, in my opinion, is among the best mid-range bass guitars ever produced. So when I learned that there was a six-string Stiletto, I was ecstatic because I knew the craftsmanship would be outstanding. Once again, the Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 Electric bass guitar demonstrates my point by being a superb instrument.

The neck-through design is ideal for the six-string bass since it makes playing the higher tones, especially on a challenging six-stringer, more accessible. The 6-string bass guitar needs resonance over a wide range of styles, and the mahogany body and Bubinga top provide that resonance while emphasizing the lows and highs with equal beauty. The EMG-Hz pickups try to capture each sound precisely as they should. Overall, the best midrange 6-string bass guitar available is this one.


  • Long Lifetime
  • a Bubinga tree
  • Warm, Deep Sound


  • Heavy
  • It needs to have more high tones.

Ibanez BTB746 6-String Electric Bass

Ibanez BTB746 6-String Electric Bass

Getting a stylish 6 string electric bass guitar is the most acceptable way to draw lots of attention if you’re seeking some. Even while a bass like that may win over anyone’s heart without having flashy appearances, when its features are coupled with attractive looks, there is no way you won’t be in the spotlight. The Ibanez BTB746 can win over even the most demanding players. Everything a person might want is present. It has a charming appearance, with a body made of ash and mahogany wood.

The walnut top’s natural color and low gloss finish give the design a little extra flair. The neck-through 5-piece maple/walnut neck is reinforced from graphite rods, and the Jatoba fretboard is decorated with abalone dot inlays. The BTB746, which has a very expressive sound character, is equipped with passive Bartolini BH2 neck and bridge pickups. The fact that this bass guitar is a bit heavy is one drawback; at first, you can experience back and neck pain after playing for several hours. However, if you get used to it, you won’t experience any issues.


  • A consistent tone throughout all the strings.
  • Looks unique and attractive.
  • offers expertise from the field


  • The fretboard may have a few more sharp edges.
  • Quite heavy

ESP LTD B-206SM Spalted Maple

ESP LTD B-206SM Spalted Maple

We discussed a similar model, but with five strings, on our list of the finest five-string basses. We’re moving on to something with even more promise and lines. The EPS LTD B-206SM is similar to its 5-string sibling in terms of characteristics, except that it is designed to accommodate an additional sixth string. It features an ash body that is covered in either black see-through color or natural see-through color. The finish is satin, which in my opinion, is the ideal type of finish.

The top of this bad boy is made of spalted maple, which significantly enhances its features. A roasted jatoba fingerboard is on a 5-piece maple/jatoba neck. Both instruments are simple to play, but you must get used to the neck width. The B-206SM includes passive pickups and an active EQ. Remember to unplug your bass whenever you’re not using it because the active electronics cause the batteries to drain quickly. Overall, this guitar is a fantastic economical option if you want a 6-string bass but can’t afford to spend much money.


  • incredible overall value for the money
  • lovely design
  • Highly playable


  • Wider neck, which some people may find unpleasant

Dean Edge 6-String Bass

Dean Edge 6-String Bass

The most significant 6 string bass guitar can only be labeled as such if it can produce pleasing tones. It doesn’t need to be made of the finest tonewoods money can buy or feature cutting-edge electronics. A bass guitar should have a powerful and pleasing sound. That is precisely what the Dean Edge 6 string bass guitar does. Even though the basswood body is relatively light, the 6 string bass guitar nonetheless carries a heavy load. Nevertheless, the sound travels efficiently throughout the body.

Anyone listening will be amazed by the sound produced by the Dean design pickups because they are strong enough to recreate it. The fact is that a six string bass guitar as fine as this one is uncommonly available at a price it is being sold at. It is sure to be among the top options for any novice or professional wishing to expand their talents into higher and lower registers because it is reasonably priced and of outstanding quality.


  • Affordable
  • Nice Design
  • a cozy, dense sound


  • Fastening Neck
  • Body soft



We occasionally find something unusual in the sea of average or mediocre things. It is like discovering a pure gold needle among a stack of straws. It seems impossible and requires a lot of luck, but it is ultimately quite rewarding. Ibanez GSR260SMNGT GIO caused me to become disbelieving after seeing and hearing how good it genuinely is. This instrument may seem implausible or like a work of fiction compared to most guitars in the same price range.

It is still among the best affordable 6 string bass guitars, if not the best. The DXH-6 pickup and maple top work together to create a dance-inspiring tone that is gorgeous and precise in the upper registers while remaining somber and mellow in the low. If you’re a buyer on a tight budget seeking a quality item at a price that won’t make you feel bad days later, this guitar is ideal.


  • Intense Tone
  • Good Design
  • Strong Sound
  • dependable tuning stability


  • Heavy
  • Neck fasteners
  • Budget Nut


What distinguishes a 5-string bass guitar from a 4-string and 6-string bass guitar?

A: The five-string bass guitar is tuned in BEAD. Both a 4-string and 6-string bass have an EADGBE.

What kind of material makes a bass guitar’s body the most resilient?

A: Maple and mahogany are solid and dense woods. They weigh a lot more than other types of wood. Both have hearty, round resonances.

What makes a good fretboard, exactly?

A: The most excellent six-string bass under $1,000 will have a surface that resists wear. Fretboards frequently come in rosewood and maple.


Nearby is the best 6 string bass under 1000. A good find doesn’t have to cost an absolute fortune. The options from renowned bass guitar manufacturers like Schecter and Ibanez are numerous. Any severe player would like a fantastic bass guitar that was affordable. Of course, “cost-efficiency” is not the sole consideration. Quality should be a consideration as well.

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