Ableton There is Not Enough Disk Space? How to Free Up Space!

Ableton There is Not Enough Disk Space

Ableton is a heavy software, not exactly storage wise, but in terms of how much it needs for its normal operation. Thus, it makes sense that you would worry about freeing up space in the DAW. Not only will that free up space, it will also ensure that your Ableton Live is running as smoothly as possible. So if you’re worried about your ableton there is not enough disk space? let’s dive into our today’s guide about how do I free up space in Ableton to ensure smooth running of the DAW?

How Do I Free Up Space In Ableton?

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Files In Ableton Live:

In Ableton Live, when you perform an activity such as recording or editing audio, Ableton does not actually destroy anything as you start to crop and consolidate Clips when you begin to crop and consolidate them. It is important to keep in mind that if you have recorded these clips in Ableton Live and then just say delete them, the clips will still be on your computer if you recorded them in Ableton Live. To get rid of these clips, follow these simple steps.

  • Launch the Ableton interface.
  • Go on the top menu bar, and click on File Manager.
  • Select Manage Project from the drop down box.
  • You will be able to see a drop down menu for unused files. Open it.
  • It will display how many unused file you have on your hard disk.
  • Click on Show button to see those files.
  • Select all of them, right click and select Move to Trash.
  • Now you can just delete that trash from your hard drive, and you have freed up space from unwanted files.

And that’s it.

How Much Storage Does Ableton Live Need?

In order to perform a basic installation, you will need 3 GB of free disk space. For the installation of all the included sounds, you will need: 6 GB of free space on your computer for Live Intro version, which is the most basic version. For Suite and standard, you need a lot more space, around 20 GB in total.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I manage Ableton files?

The Manage Files command can be accessed from the File menu, by clicking the Manage Set button on the top right, followed by the View Files button, which will allow you to view a list of the files referenced by the current Live Set. There will be one line displayed for each file that is used by the Live Set in Live.

Why is Ableton so slow?

There is no doubt that Ableton uses a lot of CPU power. If it is working too slow on your device, it is because of Ableton’s unique design that it frequently exhibits laggy behavior in spite of the fact that it puts higher demands on its processor resources all the time, and not just when it is playing back clips like other programs do.